Shopping Games

If you find it fun to buy clothes and items in a mall or boutique, then you better check out this list of shopping games.

Second Life Game

Second Life

Living in Second Life truly does feel like having another life. You are going to shop, make friends, customize, and live! It is an extraordinary experience that feels like a very real, very strange alternate reality. You can live a life quite similar to your real one, but with amazing changes and improvements.

Dream Mining


Dream Mining is a mixture of socialization and fashion gaming. You can make friends, sure, but the real draw here is the fashion. Whether you are big into fashion or simply like releasing your creativity every so often, there is something here for you to love and that will make your head spin.

Our World

Our World

Have you ever wanted to play a social game where the focus was on fashion? Talking about fashion, sharing fashion tips, and, of course, dressing up are all possible in Our World. You have a major focus on clothes while also giving you the chance to make friends and meet new people all of the time.



IMVU is widely known for its social features as well as its customization features. It gives people the chance to shop, dress up, create, decorate, and meet new people on a daily basis. With a constantly growing number of items available, you can have fun and stay addicted without running into old content all of the time.

Movie Star Planet

Movie Star Planet1

Take over the movie industry in Movie Star Planet. You are going to create styles and you are going to give yourself a boost throughout the entire experience. You can do all of this while making friends, too. It is incredibly fun, helping you to realize a dream, even if it is only online.

Mall World


Explore the mall in Mall World! Buy the best items, fill up your closet, and make sure that everyone sees just how skilled and stylish you really are. You can even style your friends to make them look better and to show off your skills. There are so many ways to enjoy fashion here.



Quests upon quests, shopping, and fashion await you in GalaStories. It is a massive game, all dedicated to the fashion world. If you think of yourself as a fashionable person, or if you simply adore the fashion world, this is going to give you a new experience that you will never forget.

Personal Shopper 4


Before the store closes in Personal Shopper 4, you have to find all of the items on your list. You are a personal shopper, obviously, so you are going to want to work quickly to get the items that your clients request. Try to get everything that you can find to win.

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