Games Like Innerstar University

Here is a list of games that are similar to Innerstar University.

Movie Star Planet

moviestarplanet10Welcome, and after signing up you can begin choosing your avatar, and customize him/her with all the fashion designs, makeup, hair supplies, and accessories. Play the mini games to accumulate all the free coins you can collect, you can buy whatever you need for your avatar with them.

Our World

ourworld1You live in a condo, and you have a critter garden just outside of your place, you can purchase eggs to place in a nest and when they hatch you sell the newborns to make yourself some money You can decorate your condo anyway you like and right now it is in need of  furniture.


galastories 11Climb your way to the top of the fashion world in GalaStories. Anyone with an eye for fashion is going to adore every part of this game. Dress your model up and explore the massive world around you. While you are at it, make sure to try out the quests that are almost everywhere.



This is for you if you enjoy using your imagination. It is a virtual world with a community you’ll never find anywhere else. Use your imagination and make things happen like you want them to, unlike the real world where things hardly ever go our way. You will be able to choose the clothes your character wears as well.

Fashion City – World of Fashion

Fashion City 5Running a successful boutique is difficult, but you are going to have a hard time focusing on the world in Fashion City – World of Fashion. This game is so entertaining that you are going to forget about any of the difficulties. Your boutique will become the high end place to be in no time.

Virtual Popstar

Virtual PopStar7Become the popstar that you have always wanted to be in Virtual Popstar. Improve your singing and dancing skills so that you can get a following of fans. When that following is big enough, you will become the successful popstar that everyone loves and adores. It takes some effort to do this, but it is worth it.


woozworld11You are about to transform the world, but before doing that you will need to create a Woozen. Once you have a Woozen you will also have to create a Unitz for the Woozen. As soon as you have your avatar chose and customized, and have a home for him/her you will be able to get involved in the activities offered.

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