Games Like Fashion Fix

Here is a list of games that are similar to Fashion Fix.

Style Me Girl


Choose a girl and begin making her beautiful in Style Me Girl. You have various models to choose from and a lot of clothes available to you to use. Choose your favorite and make unique outfits right from your iOS device. This is pure fun for girls of all ages.

Fashion Model Dress Up Party

Fashion Model 6

Prepare for a huge fashion party in Fashion Model Dress Up Party. The models are depending on your skills to get the beautiful outfits that everyone expects them to have. Dress them up head to toe in your favorite items and then send them out to the party for some fun.

Fashion Style Dress Up


Tired of using dated styles in dress up games? Then give Fashion Style Dress Up a go. You will be able to use current, attractive designs for your outfits. Create your favorite outfit and then show it off to the world. The possibilities here are nearly endless, and all quite beautiful.

Movie Star Planet


Hello there, and welcome. Glad you decide to come and check us out, we offer you the chance to become a movie star, isn’t that what you want? After you sign up go ahead and choose your avatar, customize it with your choice of clothing and accessories offered. Now you can experience how it feels to be famous and have fans.

Fashion Top Model Girls


Fashion Top Model Girls gives you the chance to play with fashions and outfits in ways that you cannot in other games. With the large selection and your own creativity, you will be able to turn each item into a piece of the most incredible outfit that anyone has ever seen.

High School Fashion: Makeover

High School

High School Fashion: Makeover has you preparing some excited girls for the nights of their lives. No matter the event, you are going to be dressing them up in the most stylish and attractive outfits possible. Have some fun as you create their unique looks using only your imagination and creativity.

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