Dancing Games Online

Here is a list of download and browser-based dancing games online.


This brings you a higher level of entertainment and excitement, it gives you music to dance too, which is what it is mainly focus on here, dancing. You will keep your eyes peeled for a companion, someone that is compatible and will be able to dance together as a couple.



If you like to dance or just simply enjoy the music you’re going to enjoy this tremendously. It lets you show off those dance moves, and compete with others to see who is the best dancer of all. There is a game shop that lets you change into different fancy clothing and accessories.

Super Dancer Online-Xtreme

Super Dancer Online-XtremeWith Super Dance Online – xtreme you will be able to customize your character to fit your style and your own personality.  There are so many clothing options available makes this game very unique.  Along with customization the dance aspect of this game is also remarkable. Watch out because this game is addicting.

Love Beat

Love BeatThis game is unlike all the rest because it keeps the music hot.  Love Beat offers you new songs every week because it adds the latest hit songs every single week.  There are sixteen different game modes which keeps this game interesting.  This ever upgrading game is never a bore.



If you are looking for a fun and thrill seeking time you have found the right game.  Mstar offers lovely music and a great dance experience that you will find yourself coming back for more.  Invite your friends over or connect with them online as this is a great online dance game for any dance lovers.

QQ Dance

QQ Dance

QQ Dance is a fun dance game where you control the character you have created by using the arrow and space bar keys on your keyboard.  The goal of the game is to follow the dances on the screen and keep rhythm with the songs as best as you can and as quickly as you can.

Lucent Heart

Lucent Heart

Welcome to this beautiful enchanted world of magic, it offers some amazing adventures. It is up to you if you’d prefer to journey about the magical world discovering ancient treasures, or you can choose to dance the nights away. Who you choose for your character can change the rest of the gameplay, so choose wisely.

Beefcake Dance Party

Beefcake Dance Party

Beefcake Dance Party is a silly dance game that allows you to control the dancers with the arrow keys.  As you play and earn points it makes the background drop of the game change and does funny and humorous things.  This is a fun game with silly visuals.

Dance Panda


In Dance Panda the pandas like to dance and you have to help them by guiding them through the songs and making sure that they hit all of their moves.  By using the arrow buttons as well as other keys on the keyboard you and your friends can help these pandas bust a move.

Meez Meez Revolution


In this fun dance and rhythm game you use the arrow keys to control your dance. You can choose from different dance characters to be and you can choose from nine different songs to play to.  You earn points and experience as you progress throughout the game.

Bring It!


In Bring It! You get to choose your characters and bust a move out on the dance floor and you get to show off how awesome your dance moves are.  By using the arrow keys to make the characters dance you can dance on the beach or on the street.

Hip Dance


In this fun dance game you are a rabbit trying to match and exceed the dance moves of the panda that is on the cheerleader team.  You are on the team that is trying to win against panda and to do that you must match and exceed the panda’s dance moves.

Dance Floor Girls


You can make the girls dance in this game by using the arrow keys to make them dance around.  A fun feature of the game is that when a star appears you press the space bar to get a cool surprise and other points.  This is a fun game with good graphics and good music.

Dance Planet

Dance Planet

This is a fun multiplayer game that is similar to Dance Dane Revolution except instead of using your feet to play you use the arrow keys to follow the moves on your screen.  This is a fun dance game to play because you can play with your friends and other people online.

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