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SmallWorlds Gift Card

You might have been searching where to buy SmallWorlds gif card, or how to get SmallWorlds gift certificate online. Here is your answer:

SmallWorlds accepts gift cards from various retailers as a form of payment. Within SmallWorlds, when you try to buy some gold or VIP for your account, you can choose to pay with one of these giftcards: Subway, Burger KingCVS/pharmacy, Dollar General, Circle K, Openbucks or Shell.


So you can go ahead and buy a gift card from any of these retailers, and then use it in SmallWorlds. Paying this way means YOU DON’T NEED TO OWN A CREDIT CARD! Which is awesome. There are no additional fees or surcharges for paying with these gift cards.

A while ago, SmallWorlds was accepting Ultimate Game Card, but it has been discontinued.

In addition, SmallWorlds had very cool customizable Game Cards before, which also have been discontinued.

Here’s how the custom game cards used to look like:


SmallWorlds Real World Tees

You probably already know that SmallWorlds does not offer teeshirts for sale at the moment, so we have an idea for you – make your own!

You can use this awesome website,


Choose your design, upload your images or write text, order and wait for it to arrive, so you can show it off! Here are some example ideas for your inspiration:

001 002 004

SmallWorlds Halloween Magnets, Stickers, Key Chains and Buttons!

You can buy SmallWorlds magnets, stickers, key chains and buttons at

Here are some examples:

smallworlds_halloween_button_grim_reaper-rfa3087c01eb748bbb89751320e205927_x7j3i_8byvr_324 smallworlds_halloween_key_chain_graveyard_keychain-r2a96687cf20b4c478614803aa7d039d6_x7j3z_8byvr_324 smallworlds_halloween_magnet_ghost-r75a2fe29a226469ca495345668011ea9_x7js9_8byvr_324

SmallWorlds Mugs

You can create cool coffee mugs at

Here are example mugs for your inspiration:

mug3 mug2mug1

SmallWorlds iPhone Cases, iPad Cases and other mobile Cases

You can create your custom mobile case at

We made some examples for you to see – choose a product, upload your SmallWorlds image and you are ready to buy. Have fun!

case1 case3 case5 case6

Other Cool Items

At you can make SmallWorlds cosmetics bags, speakers, 3 ring binders, pillows, snowboards and so much more! These make perfect gifts for someone who loves SmallWorlds virtual world.


SmallWorlds Wallpapers

Are you looking for some beautiful SmallWorlds desktop wallpapers? We made a few for you, here they are:

NOTE: We are looking to improve this page – if you discover some SmallWorlds gifts sold online, please leave a link in comments below. Or you can leave just an image of the merchandise, and we will make sure to find out where it’s sold at!

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