Boogie SuperStar

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If you love to dance and sing you have found the right game with Boogie SuperStar. This game allows you to be just that—the superstar! It is all about you and your show with this thrilling video game experience.

In this game you can be discovered! You will get carried away to a tropical, yet secret island where you will have the chance to learn what it will take to become a star. This game offers you the ability to combine the hottest dance moves singing the coolest hits around.

Boogie SuperStar4_

You will be able to create a character avatar that will represent you on your stardom mission. In this extreme and supreme gaming experience you will sing and dance your way to fame becoming that A-list celebrity you have always dreamed about. Take your dreams to virtual reality and while you play along you will be the star of the show.

Character creation is especially fun. You can use your imagination to create the performer that will suit your star personality. Pick your favorite outfit and style to design the image you feel is best. There are millions of combinations to choose from to help you design the precise performer that is stylish and fabulous for you. You will be able to build upon your singing and dancing skills along the way by performing for different places and exclusive environments that are definitely fit for a star of your caliber.

Boogie SuperStar3_

You can play on your own or add your friends to the mix. It is possible for you to add up to four players to the game, which is perfect for those late night slumber parties and sleep overs. You have the option to play with or against your friends. Singing with your friends will always create a fun atmosphere of laugher and excitement. Present real dance moves and make your friends jealous of your skills all at the same time. Using your microphone and motion sensing game technology you will be able to come to live on screen.

Once you feel your skills are perfected you will be able to present your talents before the judges in an ultimate competition at the Boogie Star Show. This experience will be one you will not soon forget as you journey into stardom.  You will experience all of this fun and excitement right in your own game room.

Boogie SuperStar12_

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The music selection to Boogie SuperStar is beyond amazing. You will get to choose artists that are today’s most popular. There is no way you will find a hotter playlist than that Boogie SuperStar offers. Since the music is so great, you will be able to learn some of the hippest dance moves in the urban, techno and pop world.

Create your own choreography with the dance moves you learn and outshine everyone leaving them in your glamorous dust. So, what is stopping you from becoming the next Boogie SuperStar rock star? Get with the program and begin your journey today!

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Boogie SuperStar on YouTube.

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