Neopets Store – Fan Gear, Guides, Gift Certificates and More

Neopets Store – Fan Gear, Guides, Gift Certificates and More

Neopets Neocash Cards


No credit card? Neopets cash card can now be purchased at the following stores near you. With each card redemption, you can get access to a bonus virtual item.


United-States-flag-icon If you live in United States, the cards are available at the following retailers: Target (Gaming section), Walmart (Gaming section), Toys R Us (Check out and Electronic section).

Canada-flag-icon If you live in Canada, you can purchase the cards at Target, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Toys R Us.

Brazil-flag-icon If you live in Brazil, Neocash cards are coming soon to the following locations: Saraiva, Rock Laser, Livraria Cultura, Zero3Games, Xplode Games, Player Games, Reality Games, Next Level Games, Moove, MM Santos, 100% Video, ibyte.

Mexico-flag-icon If you live in Mexico, the cards will be available near your stores very soon. Watch out for it!

United-Kingdom-flag-icon If you live in United Kingdom, you can go to WHSmith, and Game.

Can’t find your store? See if it’s listed on this page.

Do you have the code but don’t know where and how to use it? Enter your code here to redeem your card.

If you don’t have a Neocash card, you can still get your nickcash here.

Neopets: The Official Magazine

Neopets Official Magazine Last Issue 26

If you haven’t heard, this publication has been discontinued. Sorry guys. 🙁

Neopets Magazine was a bi-monthly magazine published by Beckett Media on September 2003. It featured game guides, short stories, various events and activities. There were 26 issues produced before it was cancelled.

If you want to know more about the magazines, you can go to JellyNeo or Pinkpt.

Neopets Clothing

Wear your favorite Neopets designed tees and hoodies.

More at the Neopets Shop.

Neopets Blue Bruce Tees Neopets Team Kougra Blue Hoodie Neopets Team Usul Red Tees Neopets Team Poogle Purple Tees

Neopets Toys and Games

Who doesn’t want toys? If you want some plushies, figures, trading cards, video games, pocket game system, see ToyWiz, and Amazon.

Neopets Puzzle Adventure for Nintendo DS  Neopets Uni Plush [Royal Girl]Neopets Striped Acara & Babaa Petpet Collector Figure Pack Neopets Curse of Maraqua Booster Pack Pocket Neopets Pocket Game System

Neopets Key Chains, Stickers, Buttons, and Magnets!

Make your keys or refrigerator stand out with these Neopets designed key chains and magnets. You can also pin buttons, stickers, and other accessories at the Neopets Shop.

Neopets Kacheek Yellow Keychain Neopets Cybunny White Round Sticker Neopets Kougra Shadow Pinback Button Neopets Blumaroo Blue Refrigerator Magnet

Neopets Mugs

More gift ideas? What about mugs?

Browse for more at the Neopets Shop.

Neopets Curious blue Scorchio Coffee Mugs Neopets Sliding Blue Bruce Coffee Mug Neopets Usul Striped Mug Neopets Green Cybunny racing through neggs Mug

Neopets iPhone Cases, iPad Cases and other Mobile Cases

Protect your gadgets with these personalized cases and sleeves at

Neopets_Bori_iPhone_6_Plust_Custom_Case_ Neopets_Blumaroo_Kindle_Touch_Case Neopets_Custom_Acara_Cloud_iPad_Mini Neopets_Custom_Marquan_Aisha_Laptop_Sleeve

Other Cool Items

The list is not over. You will also find this cute khaki apron, mouse pad, tote bag, trucker hat, greeting cards, stamps and more! Just visit and browse though their Zazzle store at the Neopets Shop. Have fun!

Neopets_Purple_Aisha_Kid's_Apron Neopets Kacheek Pink Mouse Pad Neopets Tyrannian  yellow Chomby gazing Canvas Bags Neopets Poogle Silver Trucker Hat

Neopets Wallpapers

Fill your desktop with these colorful Neopets wallpapers. You know what to do. Just click and save!

If you want more, here’s a wider collection of wallpapers.

NOTE: We are looking to improve this page – if you discover some Neopets gifts sold online, please leave a link in comments below. You can also leave an image of the merchandise, and we will make sure to find out where it’s sold at!

If you like, let us know what products are on your wishlist ;)


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