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ClubPenguin Merchandise

Club Penguin Membership Cards

Get access to exclusive items, dress up your avatar, collect puffles, style up your igloo, and many more. Buy a membership card at a retailer and click here, to see the list of stores near you.

Club Penguin 3-Month Membership Card Club Penguin 6-Month Membership Card

Club Penguin Store Gift Cards

No credit card? That shouldn’t be a problem now that Club Penguin accepts payment using gift cards. Available at several stores like Subway, CVS/pharmacy, Burger King, Dollar General, and many more!

Club Penguin Gift Certificates

One of the perfect gifts that you give someone who is a fan of Club Penguin is a gift certificate. Select whether you want a 6 or 12 month membership, fill out the form online and you will get the code via email. Get it here now!


Club Penguin Magazines

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Have you been browsing all over the internet in search for Club Penguin magazines? Where and how to purchase or where to get the subscription? We have gathered all the information we can find and hope this will help you.

Club Penguin Magazine is a monthly magazine released by Panini Comics on February 9, 2012.

The magazines are currently available in the UK, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Germany and Argentina.

United-Kingdom-flag-iconIf you live in UK, you can subscribe online at the Disney Club Penguin Subscription or call their subscription hotline on +44 (0)870 837 8504.

Ireland-flag-iconBrazil-flag-iconMexico-flag-iconPortugal-flag-iconGermany-flag-iconArgentina-flag-iconIf you live in Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Germany and Argentina, you can check the convenience stores and magazine stands in your area.

If you live outside of UK or your country is not listed above, you may still avail for overseas subscriptions. Just call +44 (0)1858 438868 or visit Disney Club Penguin Subscription. The magazines are also available for worldwide delivery at Newsstand, Unique Magazines, and more.

Club Penguin Game Guide

ClubPenguin epic-official-guide_2

Learn more about Club Penguin with The EPIC OFFICIAL Guide to Club Penguin: Ultimate Edition! This guide features Puff Handler introduction, more information in navigating the island, latest styles in fashion, tips in decorating igloo and many more!

Who knows? The secrets, tricks and hidden clues that you have been searching for are right within these pages. Grab a copy of the Guide here.

Club Penguin Clothing

Wear your favorite EPF and Puffle tee-shirts and be the envy of the playground.

See more at the Club Penguin Shop.

ClubPenguinPenguinFaceT-ShirtClubPenguinDubstepPuffleT-Shirt  ClubPenguinPuffleExpressionsT-Shirt  ClubPenguinEPFHoodie

Club Penguin Toys and Games

Can’t get enough of Club Penguin? There are tons of items available at the local stores now like plush, mini figures, video games, playsets, trading cards and a whole lot more! For a great selection of toys and games, you can check it at

disney-club-penguin-6-5-inch-series-10-plush-figure-herbert-p-bear-includes-coin-with-code-3 disney-club-penguin-mix-n-match-mini-figure-8-pack-4-plus-2-gold-coins-herbert-capt-rockhopper-ninja-sensei-gadget-guy-blue-dragon-aunt-arctic-5 disney-club-penguin-nintendo-ds-video-game-elite-penguin-force-1  disney-club-penguin-deluxe-playset-air-hockey-table-set-5 topps-club-penguin-card-jitsu-trading-card-game-water-series-5-second-wave-deck-1

Club Penguin Key Chains, Buttons, Magnets and Ornaments!

If you want to get your hands on this fluffy Puffle keychain, you can get it at The pin buttons, magnets and ornaments are available at the Club Penguin Shop.

club-penguin-purple-plush-puffle-keychainClubPenguinEPF-BeReadyPinButton  ClubPenguinPartyinMyIglooFridgeMagnet  ClubPenguinPinkPuffleOrnament

Club Penguin Electronics and Gadgets

Protect your mobiles, tablets and laptops with these awesome cases and sleeves. Choose your designs at the Club Penguin Shop.

ClubPenguinPuffleExpressionsiPodTouch5gCaseClubPenguinCadenceCoverForiPhone5C ClubPenguinGoldenPuffleiPadCaseClubPenguinILoveMyRainbowPuffleiPadSleeve ClubPenguinPinkPufflePatternSleevesForMacBooks

Other Cool Items

The list is long and there are even more items not listed in here. But if you want those lunch boxes, stamps, birthday invitations, mousepads, ring binders, skateboards and many more, visit the Club Penguin Shop. You will be amazed at the variety of merchandise available in their store. Enjoy and happy shopping!

ClubPenguinPinkYuboLunchBoxClubPenguinPuffleFaceStamp ClubPenguinPufflesBirthdayInvitation ClubPenguinPuffleExpressionsMousepad  ClubPenguinOrangePuffleBinder ClubPenguinRainbowPuffleDarkToLightSkateboard

Club Penguin Merchandise Throughout the Years

Since the release of stuffed Puffles, keychains, gift cards and teeshirts in 2006, Club Penguin has offered countless of merchandise years after. Some of these items are not be available anymore but if you find it fun to browse through the history of Club Penguin’s merchandise, you can check the huge gallery at Club Penguin Memories and Disney Online Worlds Club Penguin Merchandise.

ClubPenguinBackPackClubPenguinHPNetbook  ClubPenguinClothing  ClubPenguinorange-puffle-shoes ClubPenguinBedsclubenguinpinkpufflehatClubPenguinpinkpufflescarf

Club Penguin Wallpapers

Want to change your desktop background with these colorful Club Penguin wallpapers? It’s totally FREE! Just click and save.

If you want more, you can find a wider collection of wallpapers here.

NOTE: We are looking to improve this page – if you discover some Club Penguin gifts sold online, please leave a link in comments below. You can also leave an image of the merchandise, and we will make sure to find out where it’s sold at!

If you like, let us know what products are on your wishlist ;)

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