Woozworld Hints, Cheats and Achievement Codes

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To do the moonwalk, just simply type in this code in the chat bar: /moonwalk


Enter the familiar Konami code on your keyboard while in the chat bar (UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A) and then press the ENTER key to gain the ability to throw fire at the other players but FYI, they won’t see it. (See above video for instructions.)

Mya’s Shopping Bag

Here are the ten places where you can find  it. Surface, Mountain, iVibe Centralz 1, Booya, Rookie Quests, OMZ, Coconut Groove, Woozworld Plaza, Park, Fairy Chamber. 

Jay Cap’s

Here are the ten places where you can find  it. Rookie Quests, Stylz Shop, Foodz Showroom, Woozmart, Movie Theater, Woozworld Stadium, LibStreet Fashion Room, Boutique Mya Collection, Max’s Game Show, GluttonZ Zoo.

Free RV

Go to Bookz, look for Genius Road Trip RV (15 Woozens), then click on the first treasure box you’ll find. (See above video for instructions.)

Chat Trick

You don’t need to go to  your friend’s location to start a conversation. If you see them online, you can go ahead and click your Private Chat, then type in ‘/t (space) Name of Woozen (space) Message. For example: /t Ripleyw What’s up! :). That’s it! (See above video for instructions.)

Walk in Place

Please enter the url to a YouTube video. Do loads of Movez (about 30 of them ) then press up arrow down arrow left right arrow twice.

Walk Sideways

Please enter the url to a YouTube video. To do the sidewalk glitch you need a music tile. Now, click EDIT in your unit and make the tile’s transportation like 5 squares away. Then stand where you made the tile’s transportation point and open the thunder bolt icon and then CLICK on the tile, then click on the NODDING animation.

Become Invisible

Please enter the url to a YouTube video. Click the refresh button on top of your screen and do this over and over to get the right effect. To make sure the trick worked, go around and ask some Woozens if they see you and if they don’t respond, it only means that they really can’t see you. To make yourself visible again, just click the refresh button once and voilà, you’re back!

Teleporter Cheat

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You need to have a teleporter (it must be unlocked) to do this trick. Be sure that when you set it to where you want it to go when you click it that you have it in a line, the same line as the teleporter. Click the music note and do a movez  while walking. Then click the teleporter really fast.

Spell Jobz Cheat

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Make sure you do this with a trusted friend. Both of you will have to go to an empty unitz and do this on the count of three. On three you put on pants/shirt/hair/ or shoes and your friend puts the spell jobz on you.

Free Unitz

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Go to the unit “Ballroom” and at the left side of the unitz, click the heart with a lock on it. Type in max&jenny2gether4ever and that’s it! You get a free unitz.

Septimus Darke Quest

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Septimus darke quest is one of the sessions in question woozworld and you will surely love it if you can answer all these questions and get beex prize (money), continue to follow it:

Entrance to Hall of Quest and you can find “septimus darke quest”, like this picture:

Here we go, these are all the answers:

  1. Green
  2. One
  3. Lost
  4. Nail
  5. Ten
  6. North
  7. Red
  8. Black Panther
  9. Fourteen
  10. Banana

 How to Turn Around

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(This will only work for PC.)

Wonder how people turn around on WoozWorld?  It’s as simple as putting your cursor over your woozen, and scroll. That’s it.

Neon Color Codes

color code woozworld

Neon Pink: FF6EC7
JennyWooz Pink: FFBFBF
MyaWooz Pink: F718CA
Neon Purple: 6600FF
Neon Blue: 4D4DFF
Neon Green: 83F52C

How to Turn Your Unit Upside Down

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Restore down your web browser, and adjust it really small until your unit appears to be turned upside-down:

How to move item from one account to another

If you want to  move items from one of your account to another, get some help from friend or siblings. It would be better if you are both using two or different computers, but there’s still another way if you only have one.

Account A: the account that give out item Account B: the account that get the item
1. Log in to any of the two account.
2.Invite the other account as friend
3. Find a time none of your friends are online, then log in to account A.
4.Choose or buy a unit, make it to only for friend.
5.Move shop or manni to that unit, paste whatever item u want to give Account B
6.Check again whether any of your friend are online, if there were, better cancel the plan, because the friend might get them accidently
7. If not, quickly log out A and then log in B.
8.Go to the unit with item, get the item.

Make Your Woozen Blink

First you need to wear innocent face and sports face top, when you do this you must face sideways to the left or it won’t work. So all you do is any move that faces diagonally like big M and when the move finishes your woozen will blink.

Cheap Shops

Check places of different nation: Cortoza, Colony V, Lib Street and Mystic Alley.

How to see who is on the same unit as you

On the chat bar, press ctrl + alt and it will show a list of people’s usernames that are in the same unit as you.

(Take note that Woozworld have made updates and changes over the years, so some of these are not accurate anymore. You may want to leave a comment below and share your cheats, glitch and trick codes to help your fellow Woozens. 🙂 )

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