Virtual Family Games

Here is a list of games where you can have your own virtual family.

Virtual Villagers

Virtual VillagersThis virtual family game will keep you enthralled for hours.   You get to teach the chaotic and disordered villagers how to adapt.  While teaching them how to survive you will be incorporating science, basic survival skills, as well as even more elaborate things into their very beings.  Build up their community the right way.

Virtual families

Virtual familiesThis game virtually allows you to have the prefect family.  Similar to the Sims, Virtual Families lets you control what goes on in your family.  You will have a 2 bedroom home that is complete with all the family areas such as a bathroom, laundry, living room, kitchen, and even a workshop.

Second Life

Second LifeOne of the best games for real life simulations, Second Life is very popular.  The greatest aspect this game offers is that you get to create an actual “second life” for yourself.  You will be able to live your life and be exactly who you want to be.  It is beyond fun and allows you to take your imagination to a new level.


IMVUCreate your 3D avatar and take off into a world of virtual fun and excitement.  As you interact with the world, you will have an awesome experience playing IMVU.  You have the ability to personalize your avatar to become who you could only dream of being.  Your inner being can finally shine through.

Ashton’s Family Resort

Ashton’s Family ResortThis game is beyond the ordinary game play that comes with the rest of the time management games. Ashton’s Family Resort reaches new levels with its unique and challenging tactics.  No more of the same old stuff here, you will enjoy an engaging time as you manage your family resort.

Pocket Family

Pocket FamilyHave the dream house of your liking as well as cute characters with Pocket Family.  This game is amazingly adorable and you will get a lot of excitement while engaging in the fun game play this game has to offer.  Create the dream house of your wildest imagination and let the adorable characters move in.

Happy Family

Happy Family1Having a fun time is what Happy Family is all about.  Enjoy taking care of the ones you love, sharing those wonderful moments of happiness with them, and allow yourself the ability to shine through your creativeness.  Take care of your family and provide happiness to your world when playing this virtual family game.

Bonga Online

Bonga OnlineThis free game is online based and tons of fun.  You will be able to create your own world that only you could imagine.  You will be entrusted to build the island paradise you could only wish were real.  This virtual game offers hours of fun and engaging game play.

My Tribe

My TribeIf you love brain teasers you will fall in love with My Tribe. The tribe is more than intelligent and has a mind of their own.  They will learn skills; start families, and so on, even when you are not in the picture.  You will need to figure out mysterious secrets and unlock new technology and so much more.

The Sims™ FreePlay

The_Sims™_FreePlaySims games are always fun and this one offers loads of fun at no cost.  The Sims series is the best selling game on the iPhone and this game is offering you the fun for free.  You will be able to manage your virtual family for hours of game play and tons of enjoyment.

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