Games Like Kapi Farm

Here is a list of games that are similar to Kapi Farm.


A girl planting and a dragon flying nearby.

Do you love fantasy world? Then you will certainly love DreamFields. This is a great dream world that you can play in and it meet fairies, birds, butterflies, dragons, bears and so much more. This 3D world will keep you busy for hours on end as you build and farm things.

My Free Farm

My Free Farm4

How would you like a chance to do more than just grow things? My Free Farm will let you grow in your life as well as on your farm. You will be able to grow all sorts of different types of plants while you grow animals for animal products. You will be able to have the top farm in this world.

My Little Farmies

My Little Farmies8

Are you ready to journey back into medieval times where you will have a chance to build and construct your very own farm? My Little Farmies is exciting from top to bottom. Plant seeds, grow crops, harvest them as well as watch your animals grow. This is one place that you will never be bored in.

Molehill Empire

Molehill Empire 6

Do you want to do more than just grow crops and harvest them? Molehill Empire will let you do that and more. You will be able to decorate, garden, and even take advantage to all of the possibilities that are out there. This addictive world will have you making the best farm in the whole world.

Big Farm

Big Farm

Do you want to own your very own farm with plenty of animals, land and crops that you can harvest? Big Farm is just that. A place where you can grow as many animals as possible, build and construct cool buildings, and even plant and harvest crops that you can use or sell.



Miramagia will let you be a druid, mage, witch, or shaman where you can raise your very own dragon and even grow a very magical garden. You can create spells, clear areas using magics, and even care for your dragon egg until it hatches. It really depends on what you want to do.

Farm for Your Life

Farm For Life Game with two characters in the garden

A strange storm has caused the zombie apocalypse and it is up to you to Farm for Your Life. You will have to raise crops and harvest them to feed all of the other survivors in a world that you kill zombies to make sure that they don’t destroy your crops at night.



Do you want to own your own farm that will let you take in the country air and farm as much as you want? Farmerama will let you do that and more. You will be able to take orders out of your farmhouse and even care for animals that you will raise from babies. Then you can grow your own food.

Family Barn

Family Barn

Family Barn will make you feel like you are a real farmer. There are so many different crops that you can harvest as well as different animals like goats, buffalo, chickens, cattle, ducks, turkeys, cows and so much more. You will be able to feed your animals, harvest items and even sell items too.

Hobby Farm

Hobby Farm

Begin your journey as a farmer on a tropical island that you have found with your husband and take and make the old abandoned farm into a new and improved one. You will have to plant crops, harvest them, handle the animals at the island, and use handmade equipment that you will earn money with.

Family Farm

Family Farm

How would you like a chance to make coins doing everything in a world that loves farmers? Family Farm will let you build items like wine creators, windmills and more to turn your harvested goods into items that people want to buy. You will have to work hard to make sure that your animals and crops are taken care of.

Farmville 2

Farmville 2 1

Do you want to raise animals, plant crops, and harvest them in a world that is only found on Facebook? Farmville 2 will give you a chance to do all this and more. You will have to build buildings and even fix things around your farm like tractors and more.

Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands

Colorful plants and flowers in the garden.

Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands will give you a chance to farm using wizardry and more. You will deal with Iris a young girl who needs your help in presenting the best skill to the University of Wizardry tournament. She will have to be the best at gardening and alchemy, so help her win.

Farming Giant

Farming Giant

Have you ever wanted to know what the business aspects of farming were? Now you will have a chance to know in Farming Giant. You will be able to work as a rancher and farmer to master all the aspects of crop development, planting, harvesting and raising and breeding livestock.

Farming Simulator 2013

Farming Simulator

Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to farm your very own land without having to worry about purchasing land and equipment? Farming Simulator will let you do this as you complete the career mode to make you an expert farmer as you learn the responsibilities of farming.

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