Games Like Chobots

Here is a list of games that are similar to Chobots.

FrankTown Rocks

FrankTown_Rocks11-e1358174012296 (2)

This is a virtual MMO that is very kid friendly. There are various activities to do such as making a character, exploring the town, watching interesting videos, listening to music, mini games, and more. The cartoony graphics are very appealing to children and the world is heavily moderated for anything unsuitable.

Our World


If you are the type that enjoys looking at other peoples outfits and making them feel good about their designs, then Our World welcomes you. You will be exploring the land, while being able to comment on the outfits others are wearing. You will also be able to customize your character so they can comment on your fashion as well.



This fun and educational RPG game with cartoon graphics is designed to help kids reach their learning potential. There are quests, mini games, and educational challenges that are meant to improve reading comprehension and build necessary skills.

Bin Weevils

Binweevils4 (1)

Make your own cute Bin Weevil and participate in the many activities in this virtual world. It’s a kid friendly game with cartoony graphics and many features. Solve puzzles, meet other players online, own a pet, build a home, and even buy your own nightclub.



There are many things you can do once you enter the WoozWorld. You will be able to customize our uniz with various items that you collect throughout the world, or items can even be generated by the users. You can explore Nationz as well, such as Mystic Alley or Colony V.

Habbo Hotel


This virtual reality allows you to explore the world and see what different places are like when you’re not able to physically. With all of the different hotels and locations, you will be able to spend hours without even knowing it. You will be able to chat with friends and much more on your adventure.

Moshi Monsters

moshi9In this cute cartoony game, you can create your own pet and raise it to be strong and happy. Fans of Pokemon and Neopets will love this game. Play different mini games, chat with other players, and best off all, buy stuff for your pet. Watch your little monster’s personality change and watch it grow.

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