Funny Avatar Names

If you’re looking for good unique avatar names, check out Avatar Names for Girls or Avatar Names for Boys.

Here is a list of the funniest avatar names, that we encountered in virtual life games. Some are really silly, some are crazy, plain stupid, or just simply unbelievable! In any case, you will at least have a good laugh. Enjoy.

Absolute Balderdash
Accountant Adzebills
Always Oval
AM Radio
Angry Blogger
Ann Otoole
Anne Nihilist
Application Rejected
Arrested Afterthought
Atlanta Georgia
Bloodygriefernextdoor Resident
Boinks Nitely
BraView Delicioso
Breathless Taurus
Cereal Milk
Changed Destiny
Charlotte Webb
Chernobyl Core
Chernobyl Sadovnycha
Chevy Luv
Chiliximus TheStormBringer
Chocolate Rain
Couldbe Yue
Dam Spot
Dehydrated Soup
DelicateLittle Sunflower
Delisicous Sorbet
Denied Flatley
Desirae The
DogWar Son
Donttrythat WithME
Economic Hitman
Expedition Offcourse
Extrapillow Burner
Fallon Jupiter
Fatt Kidd
Feedme Coleslaw
Financial Furlough
Fook Noe
Foreplay Aftermath
Foxie Werefox
Frenchie Fry
Fuctifino Sittingbull
Fur Jackets
Get Bussy
GetOut OfMyway
Grumping Steamer
Gwydionperedur Janus
Hardly Magic
HavePeds HaveTime
Havesome Morpork
Helan Highwater
Hippip Herrey
Hiyaitsme Shamrock
I had
Iam havingfun
IAmEatingA Waffle
IamWatchingYou II
Icetee Magic
IDrankTooMuch Wiskee
Iggy Twig
IGotta Go
II Yougotmyattention
Ima Tramp
Imagay Actor
imhiding Underwood
Imthe Messenger
Ineedanother Catnap
Intherear Buccaneer
IsaDaft Trollop
IStoleThisNameFromAGuyInWest Manchester
Itsme Ballyhoo
Kantbe Thursday
Kantbe Wife
Karma Justifier
Kermitty Frog
Kev WhoHasMyPants
Kings Messenger
Kinki Aftermath
Kissme Sideways
Lag Frenzy
Landing Normandy
Largescreen Television
Lastname Lastchance
Laughatyour Tackticks
Lauracroft Alter
Leavesome Torest
Lickinu Turbo
LightlyToasted Ruben
Like2Drive Ferraris
Livinda Goodliffe
Lowbridge Highwater
LucyIn TheSky
Mai Spot
Max Space Hunter
Maxellhouse Columbia
Meet Thenewboss
MeetMy EvilSide
Mental Gutter
Mindtrick JediMaster
Monday Tuesday
My Oodles
MyRadar ISKaput
Name Brand
Neu Xue
NotA Blogger
Offcourse Offcourse
Oh Shi
OhGodIts Coleslaw
Omg Barbecue
One MoreDonkey
One NewKingBorn
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh Oh
Operating Thetan
Plzsqueeze Charmann
Pms Mode
PowerOf Kroll
Prezident Carter
QuarterPounderWithCheese Deluxe
Queens Messenger
Quixotic Knave
Railroad Engineer
Random Resident
RobitusinZ Guerrero
Rockyoulikea Hurricane
Roughly Norwegian
Rusty Rasa
Screw Yue
Seduction Sideshow
Shaddap Yue
Sillyhead Biscuit
SlightOf Hand
Smelly Kelly
Soap Soap
Sodapop Delicioso
Song Lyric
Stipe Stipe
Su Shi
Sun Tzu God
Tampon Inside
Tastie Dumpling
Tasty Tiramisu
Teean Milk
TheBeef Experience
Thiscouldbemyvery Lastchance
ThisNameWasSurprisinglyNotTaken Resident
Tinkle Pudless
ToeLips Camel
ToeSassy Camel
Uh Oh
Unacceptable Slacker
Unfractured Crystal
Vadge Ihnen
Variable Constantine
Wan Chun
Washmy Ferraris
Wasted Engineer
Wastedmy Lastchance
Wennsday Thursday
WheresMy Marbles
WildWildWest DaysAreOver
Willy Beamish
Youcant Hidefrome
YouLose IWin
Yummy Freelunch
Zero Deceit ^_^

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