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World of Warcraft Merchandise

World of Warcraft Prepaid Subscription Card

World of Warcraft 60 Day Prepaid Card

No credit card? Get access to 60 days worth of  WoW goodness with this prepaid card  that can be purchased at the retail stores near you. Check out Walmart, Best Buy and 7 Eleven.

For your code redemption, click here. Gift Card

    World of Warcraft Gift Card

Charge up your balance and buy digital items, games and services with this $20 Gift Card.

Available now at the following select retailers:

United-Kingdom-flag-icon If you live in United Kingdom: GAME, Grainger Games, ASDA.

Germany-flag-icon  If you live in Germany, Austria, Ireland, Finland, Denmark: Gamestop Austria fag icon Ireland-flag-icon Finland Denmark

Belgium Netherlands If you live in Belgium, Netherlands: Bart Smit, Game Mania

SwedenSpain If you live in Sweden, Spain: Game, Gamestop

France If you live in France: Micromania

Redeem your balance here.

World of Warcraft Apparel

World of Warcraft is one of the most popular games worldwide and it’s no surprise that you will find tons of merchandise everywhere.

Here are some apparels that you can find at Blizzard Gear Store.

World of Warcraft Fight Night Tee World of Warcraft Hoodie World of Warcraft Alliance Robe World of Warcraft Paladin Robe

World of Warcraft Accessories

If you’re looking for a great present for WoW geeks, these accessories will be much appreciated.

Get this at Blizzard Gear Store and

World of Warcraft Cute But Deadly Sylvanas Keychain World of Warcraft Horde Spray Pin World of Warcraft Horde Crest Leather Wallet World of Warcraft iPhone Case World of Warcraft Messenger Bag

World of Warcraft Headwear

You can buy these flexfit hat, cadet cap, beanie, and Kobold hat at

World of Warcraft Flexfit Hat World of Warcraft Cadet Cap World of Warcraft Horde Beanie World of Warcraft Kobold Hat

World of Warcraft Drinkware

Drink your tasty beverage from the mug skull of Murloc! Or would you rather have these pint glasses and water bottle? For more of these items, check out Blizzard Gear Store.

World of Warcraft WoW Murloc Mug World of Warcraft Pint Glasses World of Warcraft Cute But Deadly Heroine Mug World of Warcraft Water Bottle

World of Warcraft Collectibles

These collectibles are must-haves for WoW fans. Select your favorite plushies and figures at Blizzard Gear Store.

World of Warcraft Arthas Figures World of Warcraft Poker Set World of Warcraft Wind Rider Cub Plush World of Warcraft Grommash Hellscream Statue

World of Warcraft Gaming Gear

These finely crafted tools are something you shouldn’t miss.

Fore more details, check these gaming gears at Blizzard Gear Store and Best Buy.


World of Warcraft Wireless Mouse World of Warcraft Gaming Headset World of Warcraft Mousepad World of Warcraft Cataclysm Keyset

World of Warcraft Publishing & Media

Strategy guides, art books, novels, and posters can also be purchased at Blizzard Gear Store, Target and Best Buy.

World of Warcraft Strategy Guide World of Warcraft Udon Art Book World of Warcraft Snow Fight Children's Book World of Warcraft Poster

Other Cool Items

There are actually more items to choose from and even more stores to go to. The list is endless. Here are some WoW merchandise that you can add to your collection. Check out Blizzard Gear Store, Jinx.comWalmart, Target, Best Buy, and GameStop for more goodies.

World of Warcraft Cookie Cutters World of Warcraft Hearhstone Throw Pillow World of Warcraft Horde Wrapping Paper World of Warcraft Paw Icon Leather Belt

World of Warcraft Wallpapers

You may already have seen or used some of these wallpapers, if not, just grab and save.

NOTE: We are looking to improve this page – if you discover more World of Warcraft gifts sold online that you want added to this page, please leave a link in comments below. You can also leave an image of the merchandise, and we will make sure to find out where it’s sold at!

If you like, let us know what products are on your wishlist ;)

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