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School of Dragons Cash Cards

School-of-Dragons ecard

Get 1,600 gems with any $15 card.  You don’t need a credit card to buy your School of Dragons virtual currencies. You can get this in the local stores near you.

United-States-flag-icon If you live in United States: Target, Walmart, Toys R Us.

Canada-flag-icon If you live in Canada: Shoppers Drug Mart, Toys R Us.

Brazil-flag-icon If you live in Brazil: Saraiva, Livraria Cultura, MM Santos, Onofre, Rock Laser, Zero3  Games, 100% Video, Xplode Games, Next Level Games, Moove, and Player Games.

United-Kingdom-flag-icon If you live in United Kingdom: WHSmith and Game.

Australia-flag-icon If you live in Australia: Coming soon to EB Games and Big W.

New-Zealand-flag-icon If you live in New Zealand: The Warehouse and EB Games.

School of Dragons Game Cards

Login to the game to redeem your card.

School of Dragons Real World Tees

It’s been a while since the movie has been shown on widescreen but there are still a lot of tees available out there for “How to Train Your Dragon”. However, if you want the game version of the movie which is “School of Dragons”, I doubt there are any tees out there available. So if you want to create your version of SOD clothing, you can go to and start designing your own.


Just follow these 3 simple steps and you’re ready to order your amazing School of Dragons teeshirt. Choose your type of clothing, choose design or upload your fave images, then add custom texts if you like.

See examples below:

School_of_Dragons_Spreadshirt_1  School_of_Dragons_Spreadshirt_3  School_of_Dragons_Spreadshirt_2

School of Dragons Key Chains, Magnets,  and Buttons!

Purchase your School of Dragons key chains, magnets and buttons at

School_of_Dragons_Keychain School_of_Dragons_Magnet School_of_Dragons_Pin_Button

School of Dragons Mugs

Choose your drinkware and make the coolest mugs at

School_of_Dragons_Two_Tone_Mug  School_of_Dragons_Travel_Mug  School_of_Dragons_Frosted_Mug

School of Dragons Mobile Cases and Sleeves

If you want your mobile cases and sleeves to have a touch of Vikings and dragons, you can customize it at

School_of_Dragons_iPad_Mini_Case School_of_Dragons_iPad_Mini_Vertical_Sleeve School_of_Dragons_iPhone_6_Case School_of_Dragons_iPhone_6_Wallet_Case

Other Cool Items is one of the best places for you to find personalized items that make great gift for your loved ones who are crazy about Hiccup and the gang. Here are some more items for you to check out:

School_of_Dragons_Wristwatch School_of_Dragons_Bluetooth_Speaker School_of_Dragons_Mousepad School_of_Dragons_USB_Flash_Drive School_of_Dragons_Desk_Organizer School_of_Dragons_Phot_Notebook

School of Dragons Wallpapers

Looking for School of Dragons desktop wallpapers? Here are some that we found online. All yours! Just click and save.

NOTE: We are looking to improve this page – if you discover some School of Dragons gifts sold online, please leave a link in comments below. Or you can leave just an image of the merchandise, and we will make sure to find out where it’s sold at!

If you like, let us know what products are on your wishlist ;)

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