Loren the Amazon Princess

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Good story and manages both a casual game and a turn-based RPG at once.

Lengthy cutscenes and dialogue.

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In Loren the Amazon Princess, the exciting fantasy RPG visual novel, there is a mix of the classic visual novel gameplay with elements of role playing games. It includes an interesting and engaging story along with fights against fantasy monsters. You have the choice between a male and female protagonist at the beginning.

Who you choose affects the outcome of the story. Various outcomes are possible, including romance with party members, homosexual relationships, and a variety of different endings. What happens in the story depends on the choice you make throughout the game.

Loren 10

In the story, Queen Karen has gone missing and the Amazon Princess Loren must go on a journey to find the queen. You can play as Saren or Elenor in an action packed adventure filled with deadly battles, traveling to unknown worlds and the ultimate battle to defeat the antagonist, Fost.

This game has many features that make it unique and enjoyable. It includes the classic turned based battle system that is all too familiar to RPG fans. Because of the user-friendly interface it is very easy to pick up. You can manage a full party of characters, equip different weapons, armor and jewelry. Each of the thirteen characters has a unique set of skills.

Loren 1

There are also lots of possibilities for romance. By choosing either character you can experience twelve unique romances, with all gender combinations. Depending on the path you take in the game, you can end up with different people and have many different endings. All along the way, you will fight fierce monster, demons and other creatures while collecting money and getting more items and weapons for your party.

The beautiful manga style artwork featured in this game are what make it stand out above the rest. There are hand drawn backgrounds and a cute user interface. The vast map covers a lot of areas like empty deserts, castles, and swamps full of lizards. The story is engaging and has lots of action. You will find yourself anxious to see what happens next.

Loren 11

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Just like any visual novel you have to follow the story closely to make the right choices to get the outcome you desire. The romances will have your heart racing. The detailed story along with the role playing style gameplay are what make this game a great game to play. Both elements manage to blend together perfectly in a masterpiece visual novel.

Unlike other visual novels and RPGs, this one allows the player to be unbiased in their quest for love. Since your character can enter a romance with another character of the same or opposite sex, the player doesn’t have to be bound by social conventions in the game play. The choice of a male or female character adds diversity, along with the fact that the female lead is the master and the male is the servant. This game provides an alternate to mainstream video games that offer 2 dimensional characters and story lines. Any fans of romance, fantasy and action will find great joy in playing this game.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Loren the Amazon Princess on YouTube.

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