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Howrse Custom Tees

You must have been searching for Howrse merchandise and I bet you’re disappointed that you can’t find anything online. Am I correct?

Well, we have a great idea for you!

Let’s start with apparel. If you can’t find any good Howrse tees, then how about… you make your own!

Here’s a great website to design your Howrse t-shirts –


It’s not complicated. It’s so easy, you can do it in 3-steps.

1. Choose your product. It could be a tank top, hoodie, t-shirt, cap, shorts, and more.

2. Choose design. There are ready made images that you can choose from. Or you can use your own Howrse images.

3. Add custom text. This one is optional. You can either add your own texts or you can do all the designs in step 2.

Howrse_Spreadshirt_3   Howrse_Spreadshirt_2   Howrse_Spreadshirt_1

Howrse Bags

If you want your bags to have its own flair, create your own Howrse bags.

Here are some examples of small cosmetic bag, drawstring backpack, tote bag, and messenger bag. For a wider selection, simply go to

Howrse_Small_Cosmetic_Bag Howrse_Drawstring_Backpack Howrse_Tote_Bag Howrse_Mini_Manager_Bag

Howrse Key Chains, Buttons and Magnets!

Customize your Howrse key chains, buttons and magnets at

Howrse_Basic_Button_Keychain Howrse_Colossal_6_Inch_Round_Button Howrse_Round_Magnet

Howrse Mugs

Design your mugs with your pet Howrse at

Howrse_Ringer_MugHowrse_Frosted_Mug  Howrse_Travel_Mug Howrse_Two-Tone_Mug

Howrse Cases and Sleeves

Protect your mobile phones, tablets and laptop with cases and sleeves at

Howrse_iPad_Mini_Case Howrse_iphone_5_case Howrse_iPhone_6_Case Howrse_laptop_sleeves Howrse_ipad_sleeve_horizontal

Other Cool Items

There are tons of other amazing items to customize from Howrse wristwatches, mouse pads, throw pillows, notebooks, flash drives and more. Get it at Have fun shopping!

Howrse_Black_Watch  Howrse_Gel_Mousepad  Howrse_Throw_Pillow Howrse_Photo_Notebook Howrse_Flash_Drive

Howrse Wallpapers

Personalize your desktop and fill it with your beloved Howrse pets with these cool wallpapers. Hope you like it.

NOTE: We are looking to improve this page – if you discover some Howrse gifts sold online, please leave a link in comments below. You can also leave an image of the merchandise, and we will make sure to find out where it’s sold at!

If you like, let us know what products are on your wishlist ;)

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