Harry Potter Games

Here is a list of games that feature the movie and characters from Harry Potter.

What Now Harry

What_now_HarryWhat Now Harry takes a new turn on the Harry Potter story. Instead of going through this universe as you would imagine, you finish off Voldemort immediately and then become lazy, using your magic grab what you need while snoozing on a chair.

Dress Up Emma. Goodbye Magic Story


Play Dress Up Emma. Goodbye Magic Story to put Emma Watson in some of the most stylish clothes that you can find. Choose her hairstyle, what she wear, and what accessories she carries around with her. Once you are done, play again, print the image, or share with friends.

Wordcross 15 Wizards!


Fans of wordcross games and Harry Potter will want to play Wordcross 15 Wizards! This game gives you a rather exciting, sometimes challenging, wordcross puzzle to complete. Find the biggest names in the wizarding world, such as Potter and Voldemort, and beat the clock in order to come out on top.

Wizard Fashion


Wizard Fashion gives you the chance to design your very own wizard. Use the available clothes and accessories to make her look fabulous, certain to become one of the most talked about students at Hogwarts. Put in a bit of yourself, get creative, and, most of all, have fun with it.

Emma Dress Up


In Emma Dress Up, you can dress Emma Watson up in current styles. Play with her hairstyle, her clothing, and her accessories to make her look fantastic. Once you are finished, play again to see what else you can create. You can even show off your creation to friends who are fans, as well.

Albus Dumbledore


Put together a moving puzzle in Albus Dumbledore. The pieces have leaves flying about and look as if they are actually made of magic! You can use these beautifully made puzzle pieces to put together the image of Albus as quickly as you can. It may not be the most challenging puzzle, but it is certainly fun.



While you cannot actually become a student at Hogwarts, you can see what type of student you would be. UWizard will run you through a simple test to figure out the specifics, such as what you would be, your best and worst classes, and your pet. It is fun and a great way to see what you would be in the world of Harry Potter.

Friends Forever


Dress up Harry, Ron, and Hermione in Friends Forever. Choose their clothes, hair, and accessories, and then see what they all look like together. Keep playing, sharing, and getting creative with three of your favorite characters in this easy yet fun game.

Mature Wizard Couple


Harry and Ginny are all grown up in Mature Wizard Couple. This game gives you them as older students, and you are going to have the chance to dress them up. Choose their clothes, make them match, and play with some combinations until you feel that they look absolutely perfect.

Emma The Actress Dressup


You will find items after items in Emma The Actress Dressup. You can use them all to create the perfect outfit for Emma, making it fit your style and continuing to improve it as you play. Watch as your design comes to life in front of you.

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