Games Like Migoland

Here is a list of games that are similar to MigoLand.

Our World


In this virtual world you are able to chat with friends and make new ones as there are millions of people who also enjoy the activities, from customizing your avatar to your home. You will even have a critter garden that you can use to raise animals and sell them off for profit. Simply buy eggs to get started.

Gaia Online


In one of the world’s largest communities, this world combines online forums, an MMORPG and a virtual world all in one! Customize your avatar with lots of cool items and clothes, visit the forums and chat, play games, collect gold, and play the RPG included in this wonderful site.

Secret Builders


Get a blast to the past and meet famous historical figures in this interactive, educational game. You will use your own personal avatar and explore the world, meeting other players in the game and famous people from all throughout history. Also go on quests and earn gold coins to advance in the game.



A social game in which you can make friends with others and enjoy the fun of playing at the same time. Similar to a platform adventure game, you will go through different levels and complete quests, all of which require you to use a certain level of comprehension.



Get ready for a world filled with other people called Woozen, you will start by creating your very own Woozen. Then you will customize your Unitz, which is your Woo apartment. To purchase stuff you need Wooz, which you can earn in several ways, such as missions and there are hundreds of games.

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