Games Like BearVille

Here is a list of games that are similar to BearVille.



From decorating your own living space to creating your own content, creativity is well received with WoozWorld. Here, there are many things for you to do that are fun and exciting. When you are finished, you speak to other members of the massive community, make friends, and explore the world around you.

Our World


If you like a game with many options, fashion and friendly people then you found Our World. This place allows you to chat with new people in many ways, from private messages or out in the open. You can even email them, the in game email system is also how you will receive various messages from the game.



In JumpStart, you will be able to learn and play in a massive, entertaining world. This game targets younger kids as young as three, but possibly younger with some assistance, to help them to learn math, grammar, and so much more. This is a great way to improve the mind with a lot of fun and entertainment along the way.

Super Secret


Aging in real life is not always so fun. However, in Super Secret, it is turned into an exciting gaming experience. You are going to be playing games and collecting points to start growing up.



Since 1995, KidsCom has been focusing on the education and entertaining of children. When you play, you are not only going to have fun, but you are also going to learn along the way. You will be able to learn about various problems affecting our world while chatting with others and having fun.



An active imagination is important for your growth and happiness. Nurturing it is Sqwishland and its various games. This game gives you the chance to do so much with the help of a friendly community around you, even stop the evil that threatens your happy lives. Quest, explore, and have fun safely!

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