Dakota Fanning Games

Here is a list of games that feature the popular actress, Dakota Fanning:

Celebrity Makeover 2


Giving a celebrity a makeover is impossible in real life, but not online. In Celebrity Makeover 2, you are going to be giving Dakota Fanning a makeover. Make her look beautiful and show off her wonderful features while you have a lot of fun with the options that are available.

Dress Up Dakota Fanning


Dakota Fanning is in need of some help in Dress Up Dakota Fanning. You are going to be picking out clothes from her closet and creating unique outfits. There are numerous options available so it is not going to be difficult to find unique idea after unique idea in this game.

Dakota Fanning Makeup


Get ready to help out Dakota Fanning with her makeup as you decide how she should look. You will be applying various types of makeup, choosing from the colors, and much more. It’s up to you how she will look, so go wild and do whatever comes to mind.

Dakota Fanning Spa & Fashion


Dakota Fanning was once a cute little girl, and now she is a beautiful woman. You will be able to help Dakota with a makeover by using the supplied make-up and you will even be able to give her facials as well. You’ll be busy for a long time, any true fan should try this out.

Dakota Fanning – Makeup


Even though Dakota has always been a beautiful girl she is in need of a change, and you will be the one to give her a brand new look. You will get to put a totally new look into the makeup she wears by applying foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, rouge, and mascara.

Dakota Fanning New Year Puzzle


Known to be one of Hollywood’s talented youths Dakota Fanning has portrayed all of her roles with confidence and dignity. This is going to let you see if you can put together the Dakota Fanning New Year’s Puzzle. It is an interesting, but difficult process and time it’s consuming, are you ready?

Dakota Fanning – Makeover


You will have the opportunity here to give Dakota a makeover with her makeup and also find a new style of clothing for her that she is going to adore. Of course, we know she is already beautiful and all you have to do is find a different look for her, but, she also has to love it!

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