Cody Simpson Games

Here is a list of games that feature the teen heartthrob singer, Cody Simpson:

Dress Up Cody Simpson


Dress Up Cody Simpson lets you pick all of the clothing for your own personal Cody Simpson. You can pick his shoes, jackets, ties, and pants and allow him to look the way you have always wanted him to look. You can even print him or email him to show off your sense of style to all of your friends!

DM Quiz – Do You Know Cody Simpson?


Are you a Cody Simpson superfan?  If you are, you will have no problem answering questions about this Aussie pop star. Enjoy flaunting your knowledge of fun trivia about your favorite idol in the music scene. DM Quiz – Do You Know Cody Simpson?

Cody Simpson’s Look


Cody Simpson’s Look lets you style Cody Simpson in the way you have always wanted him to look! From his hair style, to his glasses, to his jewelry, to his eye shadow, the power is in your hands! This is the game where you finally get the Cody Simpson of your dreams.

Celebrity games: Cody Simpson Games

cody-simpson-gamesIn Cody Simpson Games sometimes you’ll get to dress him up or give him a makeover, but in this one you’re going to learn to play guitar as well as he does! All you need in this music game is the arrow keys on your keyboard.

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