Best Virtual Worlds

Here is a list of the best virtual worlds that are popular to tweens and teens alike:

Our World

ourworld4OurWorld is a highly entertaining social game that has so many options that you will definitely stay hooked for hours. There are plenty of minigames to try out and options to make money. Once you make money, you are free to spend it however you want to. You can also chat with the other players if you wish to.


woozworld7WoozWorld gives you so many clothing options that you will be highly excited with them all! All you have to do is start off with creating your avatar or Woozen and start exploring. Chat with the others, explore, and spend lots of time having fun.

Second Life

SecondLife6Second Life is a unique game. If you want something that stands out, this is the game for you. At some point in life you may have wished to do lots of things had you gotten another life, right? Here is your chance to live another life – just how you always fantasized! Go ahead, live the life you always wanted to live!

Wizard 101

wizard101-3Wizard 101 is all about the wizarding world! Fancy being a wizard? Enter this safe virtual world and transform into a wizard. Use magic to your advantage but first, learn how to control your magic by going to the fascinating wizarding school!


imvu12IMVU is among the most popular virtual worlds today. The playerbase is huge and includes a number of players from across the globe. Thus, you have a chance to socialize like never before! Besides that, you can also play a number of fun games and enjoy yourself thoroughly.


SecondLife12Smeet offers numerous options and activities for you to choose from. You will definitely love this world because it has so much to offer right from 3D chat to videos. The videos are updated every now and then. Thus you have lots to watch at all times!

Habbo Hotel

habbo2Habbo Hotel has so many rooms for you that choosing one will become hard! Choose your favorite hotel according to the country you love and then start exploring! Chat away with friends. That is not it! Along with chatting, the virtual world allows you to decorate, play games, and discover new places.

Virtual Families

virtualfamilies10Choose your very own virtual family according to your real family or according to the kind of family you always imagined! The choice is completely yours. Have a family to begin with and then start building relationships through the game. It is fun, exciting, and very entertaining throughout.

Club Cooee

Club Cooee

Get ready to lose track of time and spend hours socializing with your friends, or simply making new friends from all over the world as you interact with people. You even have the ability to create your own home and customize things the way you want. It’s free to play, what are you waiting on?

We’ve only listed a few but for an extended list, you may want to check out the Social Chat Worlds category.

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