Games Like Lucky Rabbit Reflex

Here is a list of games that are similar to Lucky Rabbit Reflex.

My Candy Love

mycandylove 5

Welcome to the Japanese based flirting game that others are raving about. Here you get to see what dating is all about from the privacy of your own bedroom. It lets you be the one getting all of the attention, and this time you can be the one that lands all the hot dates.

RE: Alistair


As Alistair you will be playing a game in another virtual world using the name of Merui. In this virtual world you are to going to find that the two of you begin to clash and do not get along well together. Alistair’s online character Merui have lost the sight of what’s real in this novel of a game.

Signed X

Signed X3

Get ready to be Marty, a girl that works in a flower shop. And you notice a guy leaving flowers on your desk with a note giving his name as Matt, and it said he loved you. Marty however, has more than one man interested in her. Her best friend Warren has a crush on her to.



It is going to be hard to juggle everything you will have to do when you have the student body around all the time. First you will decide if you want to be Max, a boy that is in his last year at college. Or maybe you would rather be Anne, a girl in her last year of college.

Always Remember Me


Your name will be Amy, and you will be making some serious decisions throughout this great story line. You will need to decide whether you want to hang around and see if your boyfriend, who had been in an accident will recover his memory, or will you decide to move on with your life?

Love and Order

loveandorder 8

Your role will be to work with a legal team, and you take care of all the cases that come through the office. At the same time you are looking to find your love along the way. It has a serious side, but it also has a humorous side to its story.

The Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook

The Flower 10

You will be playing Natalie. She is a student in college, and eventually lands a job working in a flower shop, which is located in Fairbrook. It is up to you to help Natalie get on track and help her to meet new friends and find romance. Unlike others of this type this nine nine various endings.

Katawa Shoujo


You will be helping a boy named Hsiao Nakai through his tragedy. It takes place at Yamaku High School (somewhere in Japan), this is a school for disabled children. Hsiao’s tragedy has totally turned his life and world upside down. His tragedy happens to be that the time has come for him to leave the school and make a life for himself.

Date Warp


You will be taking on the role of Janet, as you are living through Janet’s life everything is normal, until she goes on a date and the car breaks down. This is where everything gets started. You end up in a spooky mansion where there will be a group of men, need I say more!

Spirited Heart


First you are going to be offered three characters, choosing one of them as your own. There will be a demon, and a human elf available to you throughout this fantasy world, each having a different trait of their own. Later on in the game your decisions will be guided by how strong or weak your strengths are.

Anton’s Vacation Episode 2


This is about a person named Name who has a bad attitude towards life, has no fun, no friends, and is a workaholic. Name gets visits from the Christmas spirits of the past, the present, and the future spirits. What’s behind the reason for Name not to be able to feel emotions?

Other Age


You will not be disappointed that you came and joined in all the fun and excitement this has to offer. If you like the Sims dating gameplay your going to enjoy this tremendously. It lets you play the role of a princess, she will be looking for her future husband.

Summer Found Me


You are going to be Iris in this wonderful world of fantasy, romance, and love. As Iris you will find out what love and broken hearts actually feel like, as your own heart gets torn in three different directions. You are in love with Alden, who is fixing to head off to college for the first time.

Frozen Essence


In this role playing scenario your name will be Mina (or you can give yourself the name you want to go by). You just spent 1000 years locked away and you do not remember who you are. But luckily, someone who does just broke you out of the crystal prison.

Be My Princess


Your fantasies are about to come to true, as you enter into this world of magical dreams. You will be a designer of fashions for all of the princes in the world, and live in a virtual castle. As it begins you will be a fashion designer that is down on their luck, unable to land a job anywhere.

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