Games Like Kingdom Island Mobile

Here is a list of games that are similar to Kingdom Island Mobile.

Line Play

Line Play

You will start out by choosing and customizing your very own avatar, and also picking out a little animal for your pet. You can decide to be a girl or you may want to be a boy. It offers a large selection of options to customize and personalize your avatar. If you don’t see what you need or want it will help you find it.

Gaia on the Go


Here you get to create yourself a character and make new friends, and it all happens in another world altogether. When you explore the vast variety of environments remember to take time to collect different items, these items can be used throughout the adventures for other things you will need.

Woozworld for iPad

Woozworld 11

When you begin the game you will create your ‘Woozen’ and start experiencing what the other gamers enjoy so much about ‘Woozworld’. It is a virtual reality gameplay that lets you interact with others. It offers some great features to enhance your time here, and has many other good features.

Habbo for iPad


The large community that Habbo for iPad offers you is filled with many exciting things, and plenty of activities to keep you on your toes. It also lets you customize your character and your own room. You have come to a world where you have the opportunity to create your very own virtual life within a huge community of new friends.



This has a large virtual community that welcomes you t create your very own virtual world and have a home away from home. You will have a place of your own to live and can furnish it anyway you would like. Have fun just hanging out with all your friends, and you have a chance of meeting people from all over the world.

Bin Weevils


You’ll take your Weevil everywhere with you by pushing or pulling the Weevil in a Bin. You want to earn as many coins as possible to be able to buy your Weevil things, and to get yourself some clothes and a few accessories, “This can be done by playing all the mini games you come across.

Animal Jam


Jamaa is the virtual fantasy world where you and your newly adopted dragon will be going. There will be thousands of other little animals all over the place. You have to train your dragon, because in this gameplay you will be looking at things through the dragon’s eyes, and not your own.

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