Twilight Games for Girls

Here is a list of Twilight-themed games for girls.

Kristen Stewart Dress up


If you’re into fashion and Twilight, you’ll love this game. You can dress up the ever gorgeous Kristen Stewart and give her a complete makeover. Everything from her hairstyle to her clothing, footwear and accessories can be changed in this game. It’s a dress up game made better by the fact it features a Twilight star.

Jacob Youngblood Dress up


Dress up Jacob Youngblood in this exciting game. Playing dress up is fun by itself. But if you add in a steamy star as the feature of the game, it takes it to a whole new level. You’ll fall in love as you change up Jacob in this game.

Cedric Cullen Dress up


Do you love Cedric Cullen? In this game, you can help Cedric dress up for an exciting night of saving his vampire friends. You can choose from a variety of tops, bottoms, hairstyles, necklaces and other accessories. Help your favorite star look his best for a night on the town.

Summer Cullen Dress up


If you’re a Summer Cullen fan, this game is a dream come true. Step into the dressing room with Summer and help her get dressed up for a night out with her friends. Vampire styles are fierce and you’ll have a lot of fiery styles to choose from while you’re playing this game.

Eclipse Wedding


Eclipse fans, this is your moment to shine. You can go behind the scenes into the dressing room and dress your Eclipse couple for one of life’s most memorable moments, a wedding. Playing dress up for a wedding is the pinnacle of dress up experiences with all of the luxurious looks you can put together.

The Robert Pattinson Quiz


This game is for anyone who loves Robert Pattinson. Are you his biggest fan? Prove it by taking this quiz. See how much you really know about this steamy actor. In this game, you complete the quiz and are able to save your score on the leader board so you can have bragging rights.

Twilight New Moon Picture Changing Jigsaw Puzzle


Combine your love for Twilight New Moon and your love for jigsaw puzzles with this game. It is a fun way to challenge yourself and enjoy pictures from Twilight New moon at the same time. Because it is a picture changing jigsaw puzzle, it is a more challenging than a standard puzzle.

Edward vs Jacob


Play dress up with your favorite characters from Twilight. Edward vs. Jacob is the classic, age old rivalry. Who’s your favorite character? In this game you can change the outfits, hairstyles and accessories of these two Twilight stars. Playing dress up has never been so fun with this dynamic game.

Twilight Kissing


Live out your fantasy of kissing either Edward or Jacob in this Twilight Kissing game. Just be sure not to get caught. With this game, you can live vicariously through the computer characters as they engage in a steamy romantic moment in the virtual world. If you can’t decide who to kiss in this game, why not kiss them both?

Edward and Bella Makeover


Do you love doing makeovers for your friends? This game calls on you to give your favorite stars from the Twilight Saga, Edward and Bella a makeover. As a fashion stylist in the game, this is your big break. Help Edward and Bella get ready for their next film debut!

Twilight Movie Quiz


How much do you know about the Twilight Saga? Make every night movie trivia night with this game. In 10 questions, you will be able to prove just how much you know about Twilight. Show off your in depth knowledge and secure your bragging rights as the biggest fan among your friends.

Twilight New Moon Kissing

Twilight_New_MoonBella is torn between two lovers. She wants to know what it’s like to kiss Jacob but Edward is there. You have to steal a kiss when he’s not around and fill the love meter. Same thing when Bella wants to go back and kiss Edward. You shouldn’t let the wolf see it or it’s going to cause them trouble.

Celebrity Makeover 5


Give Taylor Lautner a new look for the upcoming Twilight sagas. He desperately needs a new style and will appreciate any help you can give him. In this game, you check his wardrobe and change it up. If he digs the look, he’ll make you his makeup artist for the upcoming movies.

Twilight Couple


Dress up your favorite Twilight couple for a glamorous day out in the city. You can play dress up with the female character by changing her wardrobe and accessories. It is a fun way to pass the time when you’re waiting for the next highly anticipated Twilight saga to come out.

Krisbella Swan Dress up


Now you can dress up Krisbella Swan for a captivating night of saving her vampire friends. You can choose from tops, bottoms, necklaces, hair and loads of accessories and dress her up. Help her light up the night with her new style in this exciting makeover game. She will turn heads after you’re done.

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