Wii List

Bully: Scholarship Edition (, , , )
July 26, 2017 -

What Is Bully: Scholarship Edition You are 15 year old Jimmy Hopkins whose parents have dumped you off at the Bullworth Academy so they can go off on a much needed cruise. Bullyworth is a… Read More »

Pet Rescue (, , )
June 29, 2017 -

Pet Rescue: The Amazing Learning Game For Preschoolers What Is Pet Rescue? JumpStart friends has finally landed the perfect Wii™ gaming adventure for little ones with big imaginations! This is the first and most perfect… Read More »

Just Dance 4 (, , , , )
May 23, 2017 -

Everyone loves to dance and to listen to some of today’s best music hits. Just Dance 4 brings it back again and brings you the pop music and bright lights that you loved so much with… Read More »

Disney Universe (, , , , )
May 21, 2017 -

Disney has created numerous memorable characters that we have loved for years. From Lion King to Lilo and Stitch along with so many others, new and old, they continue to grab our hearts and keep… Read More »

Giana Sisters (, , , )
May 10, 2017 -

Giana Sisters is a beautiful, addictive game that offers up an interesting game play and several fun features. For fans of platform and adventure games, especially ones that require some thinking along the way, this… Read More »

Big Time Rush (, , )
March 28, 2017 -

Big Time Rush fans are going to find a lot of fun in the new BTR game. You are going to be dancing along with the guys and singing their songs as accurately as you… Read More »

Sing 4: The Hits Edition (, )
March 20, 2017 -

This Sing 4 game is set up for up to four players that can play at the same time in one of the four modes available. This singing game features music videos of various artists… Read More »

SingParty (, )
February 20, 2017 -

SingParty karaoke and awesome way to interact with friends and family and have fun while doing it! Karaoke is that game that does not care who you are or how you sing. The SingParty karaoke… Read More »

The Cave (, , , , , )
February 10, 2017 -

The Cave is a dark and sensational game that will have you going through puzzles and stories that will keep your mind running. With seven characters and plenty of puzzles, this game will keep you… Read More »

Rock Band 3 (, , , )
January 22, 2017 -

Lovers of music games know the Rock Band games. This is a popular option for anyone looking to experience band life virtually, and in a way that is far more entertaining. With the new Rock… Read More »


Bonus Featured Games

Our World

Virtual world, full of gaming lounges where you can walk around making new friends, interacting and playing mini games.

Club Cooee

Explore, Chat, Dance - this virtual world is sooo much fun! Dress up your 3D Avatar. Create and decorate your 3D chat rooms. Play games. Join in!

My Candy Love