Fashion List

Here is a list of the best Fashion Games that we found online. If you feel too old for dressup games, but loves fashion and style, these are definitely worth checking out. Fashion dressup games are a favorite genre of tween and teen girls. Some of the games on this list are fashion show games, where you can play a simulation of a real fashion show and be a ramp model. In some fashion makeover games you even get to play the role of a movie star and become a celebrity! Check out this list of fun, cute and addictive virtual fashion worlds. Enjoy.

GalaStories (, )
May 23, 2012 -

If you like creating your own fashions and have an eye for what’s trendy, then GalaStories may be the right free social media game for you. You will be able to take your model through… Read More »

Fashion Story (, )
May 22, 2012 -

Have you ever wanted to run your own clothing store? Well, Fashion Story give you the opportunity to do so in a vein that is similar to that of other social business sims. This game… Read More »

Fashion Sketchbook (, )
May 22, 2012 -

Do you feel like you have the makings of a stylist? Fashion Sketchbook allows your to try your hand at putting together different looks on a customizable model. This game app is available for your… Read More »

Fashion Fits HD (, )
May 21, 2012 -

Working in retail is an annoyance that no one enjoys facing. You have the terrible customers, the rotten co-workers with no sense of togetherness or unity, and the horrible work that has you stressing and… Read More »

Beach Fashion (, )
May 19, 2012 -

Dress up games are often too simple and small for them to be any fun. This causes you to become bored after just minutes of playing, regardless of how cute, attractive, and interesting the clothing… Read More »

Ada’s Fashion Show (, )
May 13, 2012 -

Are you ready for an exciting game full of fashion, fun and frivolity? Then look no further than Ada’s Fashion Show. Ada’s Fashion Show is the continuation of Ada’s Hospital. The basic premise of the… Read More »

It Girl (, , )
May 11, 2012 -

It Girl is the latest in the games for girls to enjoy! With this game you are the center of attention! Who does not like that?  You will be able to experience what it would… Read More »

Liv World (, )
May 10, 2012 -

This is the game for the girl who loves fashion dolls! The Liv World Dolls are Hayden, Daniela, Katie, Sophie, and Alexis! These fashion dolls are created after the image of a real life teenage… Read More »

GoodGame Fashion (, )
April 23, 2012 -

Do you love fashion? If you answered yes, this is the game for you! This game is a 2D fashion game made just for girls. (Guys can play too!) This game was created for the fashion… Read More »

Disney City Girl (, , , )
March 18, 2012 -

Ever heard of someone who has left the town to explore the city and make a mark? Sure you have. Disney City Girl works along those lines. This Facebook social game is about a girl… Read More »


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