Zombie Pets

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Pet Worlds.


For those of you out there that enjoyed Zombie Farm, or just love taking a break and having some fun on Facebook games, check out Zombie Pets! Watch as your Zombie Pets grow and change as you feed and care for them. Zombie Pets allows you to get in touch with the darker side of raising pets, as you care for these dark little undead creatures.

Get involved with Zombie pets by creating your own unique habitats and making sure your undead friends stay well nourished and happy.

Zombie Pets2

Show off your Zombie Pets with your friends list, and let others know you are playing for unique rewards! The gifting system allows you and your friends to send each other gifts, and help out with other’s pets. Be the envy of all of your friends with your Zombie Pets, and collect rare and unique zombies. With over 50 unique zombies, there is never a lack of content, and your friends will be asking you how you got your new zombies!

Raise your creatures and watch them grow and adapt to the environment you put them in. Your zombie pets need your help to grow and learn, and now you have the chance to rule over your own unique landscape of undead minions! These zombies aren’t all dark and evil though, some are cute, and each unique zombie has its own kind of skin.

Zombie Pets3

For those who just enjoy a lighthearted fun game, there are the cuter zombies for you to raise. Raise these cute little minions to become strong, and watch them grow day to day as you log in! With just minutes a day your zombie plantation can be a thriving wasteland of undead creatures, all scrambling for the nearest scraps of food, but for those with more time, there are unique in-app purchases to considerably speed up game play.

These in-app purchases allow you to make your zombies grow much faster, and let you surge ahead of your friends in the race to have the most zombies!

Zombie Pets4

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Enjoy watching your little friends grow as they get bigger and stronger every day. Zombie Pets lets you enjoy the fun of having undead friends, without worrying about getting bitten, because who wants to have to watch their back for an undead minion every second of the day?

Zombie Pets is a fun interactive virtual pet simulation game. Collect, feed, trade and gift cute unique zombies with your friends. Farm and harvest monstrous plants, fun for all ages.

Come check out Zombie Pets and get ready for your undead experience to begin!

Zombie Pets is free to play.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Pet Worlds.

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