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World’s Dawn was inspired by the Harvest Moon series and it is a life-sim RPG which was funded on Kickstarter. It is set within a seaside village and is heavily focused on being a social simulation. It provides you with a large list of characters that you can meet, and build relationships with vibrant top-down graphics. World’s Dawn also has more than 30 hours of gameplay where you will be experiencing whimsical environments, enchanted atmosphere’s of Sugar Blossom Village and more.

You are going to be building many friendships along your journey, and discovering love. You have all sorts of activities that keep you busy, from tending to livestock to harvesting crops. You are going to fish, cook, mine, and attend festivals, find secrets and much more.


You are going to find the overall gameplay to be relaxed, where you are in a small town with various activities that you can do at your own pace. From making sure live stock is well taken care of, to attending a festival and all sorts of other things.

The characters you come across are charming, and friendly. There is a total of 32 villagers that you will be able to make friendships with. Each one has a unique personality and their own quirks too. You will find the relationship system is complex, and the dialogue is extensive with hundreds of lines of unique dialogue based on the situation.

The village of this seaside location is open to explore, and provides a dynamic environment. It changes and grows with changing seasons. There is a rich culture and history in Sugar Blossom, which has a part in the vast amount of mini-games, market and festival events that occur.

You will start out by making your character, which then moves to Sugar Blossom Village. You also get to create your own avatar, which is one way to express yourself within the game. You will also get to choose your romance options based on personal preferences. There are three options when it comes to potential mates, although there are nearly 3 dozen residents in the village. You will find each potential mate has their own strong and unique preferences, when require different approaches to win their affection.

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Similar to Harvest Moon and other life-sim style RPGs, the setting takes place in a rural town that has a vast amount of shops, a temple, tavern, and other areas that can be explored with a natural feel, such as a beach, fishing spots, streams, and woods. There are plenty of quests that keep gameplay fun, and many errands to run for the residents. You can raise food items, gift romantic items to partners, and much more.

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