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Don’t lie – you know you’ve always had a soft spot for wizards, and you always will. With the newest in online games, you get to experience what it would be like to be an actual wizard, starting from a young age!

A lot like Harry Potter (which has really set the industry standard for this type of thing) in Wizard 101, you get trained in magic at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts under the amazing headmaster Ambrose.


As you’re undergoing training, you learn that someone is threatening the school, and you set out to save it and your friends!

This young-adult-friendly MMORPG uses a card based combat system. You start by creating a character, and then go about completing a bunch of different quests, earning experience in your magical journey, as well as tools to help you along on your tasks.


As you work, you also get to interact with other players in various public areas; heck, you can even work against them in the PvP arenas! There are also mini-games here to round everything out. From social to adventure, magic to strategy, Wizard 101 is the entire package when it comes to gameplay.


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And then there’re the graphics. Adorable and saturated, they’re cartoonish and interesting enough to watch without requiring you to have a super-fast graphics card to handle. The game is easy to understand and get a grasp on, while still being challenging enough to be interesting when it comes to quests. All in all, if you love magic and long for the days of Harry Potter once again, Wizard 101 is for you!

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Wizard 101 on YouTube.

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