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Most games that have you caring for a tribe are really much the same. They give you some people and you have to build everything up, but Wild Tribe is different. This game offers you the opportunity to have fun in a way that is simpler while still being entertaining.

You have your tribe members, of course, along with your tribe, but things are different here. The tribe members are called Wobblies, which can evolve into four different animals later on, and they are what really set this game apart from the competition.

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While the game does not offer as much as others, it is still a different experience that is still highly entertaining for fans of the genre, especially those who are new to it or do not like the more complex games out there. The main point of Wild Tribe is, you guessed it, to care for your tribe.

This is another game that is similar to bigger titles, like Virtual Villagers, just with some changes thrown in. You are playing to grow your village and to make it better. You are going to do this by caring for your villagers and by giving them what they need, along with having them do regular tasks.

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These tasks include building and mating, allowing the village itself to grow in every way. To do these tasks, you drag your Wobblies around and place them where they need to be. If you want them to build, place them near the structure. If you want them to mate, place them on each other. Wobblies are your villagers.

These are not humans, however, so that is going to be a major change for some. These are creatures that you control and that will do all of the work for you. What makes this game really cool is that these Wobblies can evolve into animals. These animals are the lion, zebra, giraffe, gorilla, and elephant. Each of these animals serve a different purpose and can help in various ways. While the lion is a good protector, the zebra is a better healer.

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Each of them have different skills that allow you to do the work in a better manner. One popular aspect of these types of games is the fact that they continue to go without the need to leave them running. When you exit the game, your village will continue to work. This will give you growth without you having to be there. You should be careful with this, however, since your Wobblies are not terribly good at running the village early on.

While they improve after evolving, they should not be trusted with the entire village at first. Luckily, you do not have to since the pause button can pause all progress while you are away. If you like these types of village games, this is worth a try. While it may not be as challenging or entertaining as some other titles, it is a great option for people who like them and want something different to play.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Wild Tribe on YouTube.

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