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Wauies is all about having fun while challenging yourself. On the outside, Wauies is a cute game full of puppies and kitties where you can run a shop full of them. Once you start digging deeper, though, you get to the meat of the game. You have something that requires dedication and time and effort. You have to design an efficient store, you have to manage everything, and you have to keep the store running successfully. If you like a challenge with a cute face, this is your kind of game. It keeps you thinking and finding new ways to make your store work, and all while looking at cute little animals.

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When you first open up Wauies, you have animals and a basic, nearly empty, store. It is cute and it is easy to understand. You have a small tutorial to guide you through the store and options, and then you begin building it up on your own. First impressions are okay. It looks cute and basic, and it seems like something that you can enjoy on any level. If you really love cute things, then you may find yourself overjoyed at the game. What makes it appealing, though, goes deeper than cute.

The animals in this game are pretty easy to take care of. Whenever a pet needs something, a bubble will pop up above it and you just need to click on it to fulfill its needs. You could also breed your pets in the nursery as long as you have 2 mature adults of opposing genders. The breeding process is pretty straightforward as well and costs very little game cash (called PetCash).

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It has the complexity and challenges that you want in this type of game. It is not just taking care of animals and falling in love with their fluffy faces and big eyes. It is all about building a store, and that is what you will do. This comes in two parts. The first is the design, which you have in the tutorial. You will put down areas for the pets, you will place your desired pets, and you will choose the layout. As your store grows, you have to manage this layout with an increasing inventory and demand, making it harder to fit everything perfectly.

Then you have the financial aspect of Wauies. Like any business, you will have to keep the finances coming in smoothly and constantly. You cannot go broke, or else you cannot afford to keep your business running. By managing your budget, buying intelligently and keeping the money flowing in, you can see your finances go up. This will help you to start growing, adding more animals, and keeping people’s interest. A good thing about this is that it is easy and not overly difficult. It is for younger players.

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The design and gameplay of Wauies are simple. You have a very basic layout with only a few buttons. As you explore the screen, you can choose to buy and place items, and you can see the different important information for your store. Every button does something and is clear, so you do not have to worry about confusion or clutter. You can get immersed in this little world without faulty or difficult controls and UI.

Wauies is perfect for anyone who likes a simple game with its own challenges and a super cute design.

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