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Additional credits can only be purchased with real money.


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Do you wanna become PopStar? Have no way of doing it? Well, Virtual PopStar is a great way to get your groove on and not have to be out a lot of money while doing it! The Virtual PopStar game is free for all to play!

Virtual PopStar is an exciting game for you (as a teenager) to rock out! You will be able to dress your PopStar with over 2500 selections to choose from. You will be able to jet all over the world in your very own private jet and that is not all, YOU WILL BE A MILLIONAIRE!

Virtual PopStar is an awesome game to make new friends or play with a family member.

This game is awesome! You will be able to experience the life of a PopStar from the comforts of your very own home!

Virtual PopStar11

The game will give you a list of 10 tasks that you have to accomplish as part of the tutorial. Make the most out of this tutorial, because it will show you the ropes of how you can navigate through the amazing world of Virtual Popstar. You’ll learn how to take singing lessons, give performances, go on tour and play mini-games if you don’t feel like performing in front of your fans.

Now, to become a popular PopStar you will need to build a fan-base. The Virtual PopStar is all about the fans. The more fans you have the quicker you will level up.

Now remember as with any type of profession you will start at the bottom and work your way up. You will start as a singer in the bathroom. The more you practice your songs and dances and perform concerts and go on world tours you will level up!

Virtual PopStar10

Here is how you can get fans. You will gain fans the more singing and dancing lessons you take. You will acquire many fans just by performing concerts and going on world tours while playing the mini-games available. Other ways to acquire more fans is to use your voting link and use your social media by posting messages to your fans! As with any singer you will need to join a record label and the more tours the better.

As you collect more fans you will level up and become an AWESOME PopStar!!

Now, once you have fans you want to keep them. Be sure you hire security! Virtual PopStar is a game that you will need to play on a daily basis to keep your fans happy. As with any profession, you will need to hire a lawyer to keep your reputation safe! You do not want the paparazzi to ruin your reputation and make your fans walk away!

Virtual PopStar2

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The money earned on this game is called popdollars. Or if you want to get further quicker you will have to purchase credits with real money. (You do not have to purchase the credits) You can earn popdollars by going to the gambling casino, play mini-games, perform concerts, collect votes, post messages on your social media, and join a record label as well as do group tours!

Let’s get your carrier as a Virtual PopStar off the ground! Put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away! Do your best because we do not want to be stuck in that bathroom singing for very long!

Let’s get this party started! Break out the music! Your fans await you!

Virtual PopStar is free to play.

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