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In this fantastic game you will not only be able to build your city from the ground up but you will also be running it too. You will be making all of the decisions and taking on tasks to help the city grow to new levels. As you play Virtual City Playground you will be captivated at the thrill of city planning and city living.

This game offers you the ability to earn money by selling your goods and delivering products to different areas around the city. As you do you will be getting paid. You can then save your money to build bigger and better buildings, structures, and so much more throughout your city.

Virtual City 12

Since you run the city it will be up to you to manage every aspect of it as well. You may need to add some good transportation to certain areas to assist your citizens in proper transit access. This is all just part of your job.

This game is social as well.  You will be able to invite your friends and turn your city into an actual real life community so to speak. This is why it is called a virtual playground! You will be able to play with your friends as you manage the city and create the best city ever. You can add some pretty cool features to your city like skyscrapers.

Virtual City 9

This will offer so much character to your town for sure. You will be responsible for manufacturing certain types of goods and products to keep your retail money coming in. You get to deliver your products to different areas such as shopping malls and pretty much all over the city where the products are needed.

You can build cool features around your city such as parks, cinemas among other things like stadiums and so forth. You can plant trees to offer a beautiful look to your city or upgrade some buildings that might be a little run down. Add some city buildings like police stations, fire stations and even a hospital. These features will be great for your citizens. You can even make sure that your city recycles and organize some public events for the town people to reward them for being so great and responsible.

Virtual City 2

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As you step back and look at your city you will be able to manage it more efficiently. If you see places that need a good transit opportunity step up the mass transit system and create the perfect transportation avenues for your city dwellers. You will need to make sure that your transportation runs smoothly at all times..

You can play in over 200 quests. There are more than 165 landmarks, buildings structures, as well as decorations to bring beautification to your city. You can participate to achieve the 95 different achievements. Not to mention, you will be able to regularly update your game to keep you entertained with the great upgrades the developers offer. You will enjoy playing Virtual City Playground with all it has to offer.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Virtual City Playground on YouTube.

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