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If you are a fan of magic and love to play games that have magic in them then this is just what you have been looking for. Upologus is a fun game that will keep you busy for hours and keep you coming back for more of this unique and magic filled world.

Upologus starts off with you looking into the mirror and being shocked to find that you are no longer a Sorcerer but that you are now a Goblin! You have a huge nose and have to find a way to turn yourself back into the Sorcerer that you are.


Throughout Upologus you travel the world and complete as many Magic game challenges that you can in order to graduate from different quests. The quests get harder and harder as you move on and you have to fight monsters as well!  You have to fight them for food and to survive the challenges.

The best part about Upologus is that it is not only a quest game but you have to use your little goblin head as well to figure out different quests. So there is also some problem solving, strategy and tactical elements as well.


The best part for you is that the world around is you amazing and you get to explore the world that will lead you into magical towers that overlook a field of flowers, there are taverns, and there is even a magical forest.

You get to take on different quests and battle it out with other magical creatures as you move through this fantastic world. You also have to look through the fields and the forest so that you can collect special plants that will help you out in your quests and battles.


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You can also work in the tavern and if you do a great job you can even take part in awesome multiplayer battles that will boost your powers and help you get more magical powers as you try to find your way back to being the powerful Sorcerer that you once were.

You can also play with friends and other players and you can build a guild or join one that already exists and then you can take part in epic guild battles. However you have to remember that you have to feed your goblin and that he has to sleep plenty and he also has to be thoroughly bated. When you are stinky no one wants to talk to you and this can make your quest even harder to complete.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Upologus on YouTube.

Upologus is free to play.

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