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Transformice is like a puzzle game where your success depends on quickness and how nice the person in charge is. You are going to have to make it to the cheese and back to the mouse hole as fast as possible to succeed. Sounds easy enough at first, but that is before the obstacles.

You have many of them, too. You are going to need to move around slippery environments, tall and unclimbable towers, and even lava, and so much more. The Shaman mouse can either help you or hurt you, depending on how they are feeling. Move quickly enough so that the power is in your hands!


The basic idea behind Transformice is easy to understand. You are a mouse amongst mice. You all want the cheese that sits in front of you, but some are smarter and faster than others are. Nonetheless, the moment the buzzer goes off, you all start dashing and trying to find your way to the cheese. In any other environment, this would be an easy task. Here, however, you have obstacles to pass through and you have to prove yourself. In around a minute, you are going to have to get to the cheese and bring it back to the hole.

Players control an individual mouse with their arrow keys allowing movement left and right along with jumping and ducking. More advanced players are able to use these limited controls to perform a number of techniques.


The obstacles mentioned are not so easy to pass. You are going to slip around, jump into the air, and go through so much more struggling. It is not supposed to be an easy task. You have to think about how you are going to get to the cheese and how you are going to get to the mouse hole.

You have to look at everything around you and process all of the information at record speeds. Go too slow and others may beat you to the mouse hole with their own cheese.

Faster mice become the Shaman. The Shaman has the power to help or to hinder, depending on how they are feeling. They can give you everything that you need to win, to do really well, or they can make it nearly impossible to succeed at all. New record holders can become the Shaman, too, so try to go as fast as possible to hold this title. It gives you the power to either help your peers get their cheese and win or bring them down and make them really work for what they want. It is a power you will want to have.


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What makes Transformice incredibly fun is the fact that there are numerous maps available. You are not playing through the same board repeatedly with no change. You have the opportunity to jump into a board and play for a while without repeated levels.

Even when they do repeat, the difference in players and Shaman will make them feel entirely difference. Throughout playing, you can also speak with your friends who play. Use the chat box available to make friends, speak with friends, and see what is going on with everyone, or simply focus on becoming the best there is.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Transformice on YouTube.

Transformice is free to play.

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