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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Social Worlds.

Finally there is a game that is fun and cute and more fun at the same time!  This is the ToonTown Online game from Disney. It is safe and it also allows interaction with the other teens.


You may be wondering how it is possible to keep profanity out. In ToonTown, you won’t find the normal chat. There is the SpeedChat that you can use here. There are radio buttons and there are preset messages that you can use. In order to type and send a message to your friend, you should first share a password. Filters don’t really work today because many people work towards overriding them. This alternative is thus reliable.

The SpeedChat has numerous phrases to choose from and you will barely find yourself frustrated because you can’t find the right phrase to put your word across. Another safety measure is screening the cartoon character names so that none of them are vulgar.


The game is just like a Disney Cartoon – bright and colorful with upbeat music. The controls are easy and you can use the arrow keys to play. Moreover, you can do almost everything using just the mouse. The interface is smooth and you don’t need to take tutorials to understand how the controls work and what you should be doing.


ToonTown is more like RPG. When the game starts, you customize your Toon with clothing, colors, and appearance features. Then you can check the brief tutorial to understand what the game is all about. You have to learn about the Gags in this game and their usage. They can be used to defeat Cogs, which are corporate robots unleashing havoc in ToonTown.


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The whole thing is about cartoon combat and it is very well portrayed. When you complete tasks and eliminate Cogs, you will have more Gags, which will help you fight the tougher Cogs.

Jellybeans are the currency in ToonTown and you need the money to buy Gags. If you want the money you will have to play the Trolley Games. These arcade games are simple and fun. You will also see a happy meter, which will tell you of the mood of your character. If you are too sad, you should do something to cheer yourself up such as going to the playground.

All in all, the game is highly engaging even for all kids and you will simply love it!

ToonTown Online is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Social Worlds.

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