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If you are looking for a fun game that involves solving mysteries and working your way through clues to unfold the story than Time Tribe is the perfect game for you. Time Tribe is an adventure game that has great graphics and even better story lines. This game is also intellectually stimulating which means that you not only can have fun but you are also challenged to figure out puzzles and complete different quests.

Time Tribe is your basic point-and-click game. You start off with a group of strangers in a dark and mysterious mansion and you have to talk to other characters in the mansion to figure out what is going on. You not only can talk to the characters but when you click on different objects you get information about that object and you can also try different ways to gather information by switching modes with buttons at the top and bottom of the screen.

Time Tribe12

All of this helps you solve the mystery and travel through this amazing virtual world as the story unfolds. As you click on the people and talk to them and examine all of the items closely you will find that the people are all voice over interface and that you have only so many choices or responses that you can use, or default interactions.

These interactions are similar to what you see in games that you may have played on your Xbox or other gaming systems where the character has a set couple of lines that they say and you have only three or four choices for you answer. This is what makes Time Tribe an old school type of point-and-click game.

Time Tribe4

As the game unfolds you are set out on a series of quests that you must complete in order to progress through the game. These quests can be anything from puzzles to match games. This is another great thing about this game there are tons of mini games to play throughout the story and these mini games are what make up your quests.

As an adventure game full of quests it is only natural that you should be collecting items and trophies from your quests. As you go through the game you get to collect these items and have an inventory of what you have and where you are keeping them.

Time Tribe10

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Another fun part of this game is that you can switch between any of the four children that are present at the beginning of the game. Each child has a different set of special abilities that can allow for you to find or see things differently as you go along.

As you play the mini games you can get higher scores and even cooler rewards. As you get better rewards or Prestige you can level up and also get Gilders which are the games soft currency which can be used in the gift shop. There are other types of currency that you can also collect throughout the game that allow you to purchase a variety of fun and useful items!

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