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If you have never played any of the Sims games you are missing out. So here is your chance to get in on the fun with The Sims FreePlay. Once you start you will never be able to let go of this entertaining game. The Sims FreePlay is the game to have and you get to play it for free!

Of course this game comes from the creators of The Sims 3 series so you will not be let down when you play this game if you have ever played a Sims game before. You will get what you expect. You will be able to create and customize up to 31 Sims characters from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet.

The Sims 12

You will be able to let your Sims characters join in matrimony by getting married, have babies, and so much more. You will even get to watch the babies grow until they are pre-teens. This is pretty amazing huh? You will love this aspect of the game, but this game has so much more to offer.

You will be designing homes just the way you want. If you desire a swimming pool, then you can add one to your estate. If you want a 2 story house, then you will be able to build a 2 story house. Build the house of your dreams and let your Sims characters live in it. You can even have pets!

The Sims 10

You have whatever pet you desire. You will be able to bake if that is what you like to do. Bake a cake and enjoy. Grow a beautiful garden for your house creating an even beautiful landscape.

Do you have a dream job you would like to work at some day? Well, let your Sims character play that role for you. Yes, your Sims can have their own careers. Pretty insanely fun right? You will this game and the goals it has for you to complete. As you complete goals you will be able to gain lifestyle points. These lifestyle points can be used to buy things.

The Sims 4

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One of the most awesome features of this game is you can let your Sims characters live in real time. You can allow you Sims characters to be friends, to have enemies, to have relationships, and so on. Make sure to create a cool atmosphere for them to live in though. You can add pet stores, supermarkets, even car dealerships to the town and expand your city so that more Sims will move in to your town.

If you have heard all the hype about Sims you will be able to try it out for free with The Sims FreePlay. This game offers you a chance to test the Sims out for yourself to see if you like it. There is no way you will not like it so there is no risk to giving this game a try. You will be so glad you gave them a chance.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: The Sims FreePlay on YouTube.

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