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In The Settlers Online: Castle Empire, work with your fellow hard working settlers to build a flourishing village from scratch. This game is free to play and browser based along with being an adaption of the pc game series also called the Settlers. It contains all of the major aspects of those games.

You begin the game with a small settlement that is undeveloped and not inhabited by any people. To turn this plot of empty land into a lively city, you build different buildings and structures which will attract more settlers to live there. Build lots of structures and make production chains to provide resources to make your residents happy. You can attack other places using military force and claim their resources to expand your empire.

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In return, other players will attack you, which you must defend yourself against. To do this, you will have to make alliances with other players. This also gives you a chance to conquer other territories. The game is more than just building your city, you must conquer others and rule them all.

The game also has a variety of different quests. By completing a quest you will increase your fame and get more items. Allies can help you complete quests as well. Your guild will be your backbone to help you when in need, and to give you items. In this game, even when you are not online your city will continue to thrive.

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There are thousands of players in this world online at any given time, so your development will always be at risk. Don’t be surprised if you are attacked while you were away. Also, you will need to have lots of materials to create goods to keep your empire running.

You can trade your own goods for other goods as well. Explore the vast world around you to continue expanding your empire. Discover new regions and visit other players’ towns. Of course, you have to be on guard, as there will be enemies ready for battle wherever you go. They will fight back once you try to conquer them.

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One of the best concepts of this game is the camaraderie. Friends can help you do quests and fight battles, along with give you gift items. You can also chat in game to exchange tricks and secrets to advancing in the game. There are lots of adventures to encounter in this exciting game. Not only will you set forth to conquer the lands of others, but you will engage in fierce battles, build up your empire, make friends and enemies, and take on challenging quests.

This game has a lot to offer in terms of gameplay. Since it is so diverse, there won’t be a boring moment. Playing with friends and allies brings even more fun to this game for those who enjoy a multiplayer experience. You will be fully engaged in expanding your empire to epic proportions. Best of all, it’s completely free to play, so sign up to let the excitement begin.

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The Settlers Online: Castle Empire is free to play.

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