The Island: Castaway

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The classic theme of being stranded on a desert island gets revisited in The Island: Castaway. It is a simulation and adventure game in which you play one of many shipwreck victims. The survivors originally are just fighting to survive, but they eventually become enwrapped in a mystery.

The game begins with the scene of an ocean liner getting trapped in a wild storm and then subsequently destroyed. The main character is Tom Allison who wakes up on the island to find several other passengers who also survived the shipwreck. Your character Tom becomes their leader and assumes the responsibility of finding food, making tools and taking care of other survivors. The twist lies in the strange markings found on the ground which hold the key to the mystery the survivors must solve.

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You will have to perform tasks given by other characters such as catching fish, gathering lumber for fire or building things. There are lots of fruits to be found, and with tools like the fishing rod and crabbing net, you can catch fish rather easily. In addition, with unlockable recipes you can prepare tropical cuisine.

This is needed because Tom’s health meter depletes gradually and he needs nourishment to keep it replenished. If the character loses consciousness, he will lose items and must restart from the camping site. He becomes weaker when his health meter runs low. With the game having such an emphasis on collecting items, there is a trophy reward system in place. There are fifteen trophies, each of which come in bronze silver and gold. These are all unlocked when you accomplish certain goals.

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This game is super user friendly. There are many tasks in the game, but there is a convenient task list to keep track of them all. It is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Also, you have a map that shows where the characters are located. If a character wants to you to something then you can click on that character and move automatically toward them.

There is also an autosave option. The game has elements of an epic adventure but has more laid back casual gameplay as well. However, most of the game consist of doing tasks for other characters and delivering items. Despite the premises of the game being based on a shipwreck, there isn’t much emphasis on survival in the gameplay.

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The detailed graphics make up for the voice acting, which leaves a bit to be desired. The game overall is aimed at more casual gamers. People who enjoy video games but don’t play them regularly will get a lot of fun of this game.

It has many different aspects to it, like befriending the natives, collecting items and tools, exploring and solving mysteries. The game never reaches a dull point in its entirety. But it isn’t so challenging to scare off less serious gamers. Hardcore gamer or not, this is one of those games that you will find yourself playing for hours on end.

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