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Does not rely solely on asking friends to complete some materials needed to complete the tasks.

Not enough enery to play the game.


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In The Household, a game for Facebook, you can develop your own site, harvest crop and tend your livestock. You can do all of the things you do in life like starting family and having kids. There are many options for customizing your avatar along with promos, quests, rewards for finishing tasks, and a game system based on the concept of a neighborhood.

You start with a basic barn with simple crops that will morph into a household with a variety of plants, different animals and livestock, mills, stables, and your virtual family and friends. This game is all about maintain your status in the household and maintain your wonderful garden. It will keep you occupied every day and it a great way to kill time. Also, since it is on Facebook, you can share your achievements with your friends and invite them to play too.


This game certainly runs in familiar territory. It contains a lot of the elements of farm simulation games you have seen before. If you are a fan of those games, then this game will be enjoyable for you. At the start of the game, you only have the meager beginnings of your garden/home.

There will be grass, stones, flowers, and trees and you will have to clear away the grass to get materials needed for quests. Wild animals such as boars and foxes will appear occasionally, threatening your farm, so you must ward them off. You must also add structures to your land so that you can craft items and earn money.


All of these elements of gameplay will sound familiar, and they are. One twist is that you unlike other games, you don’t have to ask friends to complete the construction of certain structures. You just have to gather the items required for the construction.

The game is quite simple with the exception of the fact that you don’t have a lot of energy. Certain tasks require you to do things like feed hens for thirty times. After doing those actions, you won’t have the energy left to tend to your garden and do the tasks required to upkeep it. The game features a limited amount of energy units, but many tasks to do at any given time. This makes it a little bit challenging for players.


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Nonetheless, this game features a fun and engaging experience that fans of simulation games will enjoy. The customization features and the thrill of keeping your own garden is quite the treat. As you progress in the game, you have more options to build different structures and plant more crops. You will be able to build barns, plant beds of cucumbers, and many other things.

You can eve build a henhouse. A standout feature in this game is the family feature. You will raise a virtual family and then teach your virtual children how to care for the farm. It’s fun to watch your little patch of land grow into a functioning and thriving farm with your family.

The Household is free to play.

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