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Capturing pets in TeraPets is more exciting than you might think. Part of this is because of how many there are. As you explore the game, you are going to come across a lot of them. These are different types and they are all different in appearance. When you find one that is new to you, catch it. Make it stronger until it evolves. This will change it into a new monster, one that is more powerful and has a change in appearance. Continue to do this until you have caught all of the monsters that there are to catch in Tera Pets.

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TeraPets is fun from the beginning. You are going to be playing using your own monster. You are going to be exploring, shopping, and playing along with friends, and all while showing off your own strength. The more that you fight with your monster, the better that it will be. You will raise its level, teach it new moves, and be one step closer to its evolution. Whether you are fighting wild monsters or you are fighting against another person, there is always going to be experience to gain. This will improve your pet and, when fighting people, earn you some cash to spend at stores.

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You are not stuck with the first monster that you get in TeraPets. You can continue to catch more and more until you have caught them all. It is important that you do this because of the type differences. There are type strengths and resistances, so you want to be prepared. In battles where you are at a type disadvantage, you are going to be more likely to lose. The hits against you will be more powerful and your hits will be weaker. Being able to change out for another type will help you to avoid losses.

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As you strengthen the TeraPets, there is going to be a lot for you to gain. Yes, they will become more powerful in battles, but it goes further than that. They will learn new moves and they will evolve. When they do evolve, which happens when they hit a certain level, they are going to change in appearance and get a boost in power. Some of the pets will evolve two or three times, or even a few more times after that. Make sure that you continue to have them evolve in order to gain strength and learn everything that they can.

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