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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Simulations.

If you are a fan of Temple Run 2, then you are in for a world of adventure with Temple Run Oz. This version of the popular iPad and iPhone game combines the action of Temple Run 2 with the environment of the movie Oz the Great and Powerful, for a fast paced run down the yellow brick road and its surrounding areas.

You will enjoy the stunning visuals, which are affected by how fast you run through the landscapes gathering the gold coins for which this series of games is known.  You have the ability to run as Oz and see a change of his wardrobe. You can fly through the skies in a hot air balloon, giving you a chance to collect even more coins as you go.

Temple Run Oz 6

You will be able to run down the famed road as China Girl, who is small yet mighty. You will have tests of your reflexes and you will have to dodge such dangers as the flying baboons. Those who are well acquainted with the Temple Run series have touted this version as the most unpredictable of them all.

You will have the option to challenge your friends through weekly competitions, and you can see how where you rank on the leaderboards. The mini-games and challenges which are in this version of Temple Run are singular to this Oz themed chapter.  In these you will end up with ways to survive longer and earn more coins.

Temple Run Oz11

When you combine the fact that the runs are influenced by your speeds with the elaborate scenery, you get a thrilling game play experience. You certainly have the option to pay in order to add to your coin stash, but once you get the hang of this endless runner, you can add plenty of coins through game play.

So get ready to run, slide and jump through the land of Oz when you decide to play this addition to the Temple Run franchise. You will travel through forests and have to navigate paths that fall away as you run at breakneck speeds gathering coins. You can run as the ball of energy that is China Girl or you can run as the great and powerful Oz himself.

Temple Run Oz 8

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You will be able to change Oz’s outfits for more fun while you are on the run. Soar up in the clouds to gather even more coins from your bird’s eye view in a hot air balloon. You will need to make sure to steer clear of the flying primates as you make your fast paced journey following the yellow brick road and other paths through the land.

Temple Run Oz costs 99 cents, but there are many who rate this game as worth the coins. It has a unique take on the mini-games and provides landscapes that fluctuate based on your running speed. If you love endless runners, then you will want to partake in the visual spectacle that is this game for iPad and iPhone.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Temple Run Oz – China Girl on YouTube.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Simulations.

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