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Dancing fans need a new game to play. Too often, dancing games are all the same and offer very little entertainment. While they might be fun at first, they quickly grow tiresome and old. This leaves you doing the same thing over and over, with no other option besides quit.

Rather than play that type of game, you can move over to Super Dancer Online-Xtreme. This gives you an entirely new and original way to play a dancing game, one that is sure to leave you entertained for hours, days, and months. You have a character, you can build it up, and you can socialize with the community around you, all while going and moving to the rhythm during the games.

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Yes, you do have your own character. You can even dress it up to look like you or however you want it to look. There are many clothing options available throughout the game so making this unique and something that you enjoy is a simple task. Once you are finished with the customizing, you can continue on to the rest of the game and see what awaits you.

Before you get to the dancing and drumming, because you can actually drum in this game, you should socialize a little. The large community around you makes this easy to do, and it is very beneficial to make some friends. If you do this, you can actually marry other players. Marriage is a thing in this game, along with many other features that add a sense of real life. Have couples competitions and see who is really in sync and in love, at least virtually.

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Guilds are also available. By doing guild competitions, you can prove who is best and get badges from the other guilds. The more that you win, the better that you are, of course. Pull your guild up in the ranks and try to become number one.

Both dancing and drumming are available. These both help you to have fun and are the main parts of the game. While you can enjoy yourself with socializing, this is the reason that you play. The moves are straightforward and what you would expect from a dancing game, but the music is not. Sure, you have the popular tracks, but there is so much more. The vast selection of musicians available will help you to make the most out of this experience. Go from pop to heavy metal and so much more, whatever it is that you want.

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While dancing, you can use a dance mat. This helps you to interact more and actually get a lot more from the game. Finger dancing may have it joys, but it is no match for the joys of real dancing. Simply connect the mat to a USB port in your computer and start dancing.

Your activity on the site affects your character’s appearance. The less that you play, the chubbier that your character becomes. To maintain a fit appearance, both in and out of the game, you have to dance on a regular basis.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Super Dancer Online-Xtreme on YouTube.

Super Dancer Online-Xtreme is free to play.

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