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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Social Worlds and Dancing Games.

Whether you like to dance or want a great game for socializing with friends, Steps Evolution is where you should be. This game offers it all in a friendly, competitive manner. You have dancing, meeting up with other players, customizing, and even leading your own virtual life.

There is a lot more to do than you would expect from a dancing game. It takes the simple concept and expands it, creating something entirely unique and incredibly enjoyable. As you progress through the game, you will find more ways to personalize your character and to give yourself boosts that really pay off while dancing.

Steps Evolution 12

At the start, you will be able to customize your character. This is not a very detailed part of the game, but this is only for starting up. If you feel that what is available is lacking, you can buy more items later on in the game. There is a mall and there are plenty of clothes available. Clothing items are continuously being released as the game updates, making sure that you always have a fresh and interesting look.

Dancing is the reason for Steps Evolution, of course. The controls are simple, using the arrow keys to move around, and the game is fun. You have songs available that will catch your interest, including popular artists like Taylor Swift. Along with these artists, you have a selection of popular Asian ones, as well.

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Since this game is marketed toward Asian gamers, that is only to be expected. This varying selection gives you the chance to find something that you really like, regardless of what that may be.

While this is all about dancing, that is not all that there is. Drumming is also available, which uses the D and K keys and the F and J keys. Following the steps is easy enough to do and it is a joy for anyone who likes these types of games.

There are different difficulty settings available. If one does not suit you, go with another. You can change this to match your skills and you can change them as you improve.

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You are not doing all of this alone. There is a large community around you so that you can dance and play together. You can join other rooms to dance with people or you can lead your own, which will make it possible for you to choose all of the different features available, like song selection and room appearances. If this does not interest you, lead a private room. Here, you can improve your skills alone and not have to worry about anyone else.

Boosts are available. These are the boosts that are used to give your character a permanent improvement. You can get these in various ways, like having a child or a pet. Yes, you can have both in the game. There are even shops that help you with these.

To make the most out of this game, you should play along with others and try to personalize it. If dancing games interest you, this one will blow you away.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Steps Evolution on YouTube.

Steps Evolution is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Social Worlds and Dancing Games.

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