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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Multiplayer.

Embark on an exciting journey with companions and pets in this anime-themed MMORG from Aeria Games called Starlight Story. The game features elements commonly found in other RPGs such as traveling on a journey from one point to another while battling monsters, acquiring new friends and gaining strength.

It is also possible to duel using PVP. The game has strange monsters, vast, beautiful maps and an interesting story full of wonder and adventure set in a fascinating world. During your quests you will ride on different mounts, like a fish that swims in the air or a virtual carpet.

Starlight Story6_

You will also meet many different characters of varied personalities with quirks of their own. The gameplay is familiar territory, with completing missions, defeating monsters and bosses while gaining experience and leveling up. You can equip gear and weapons along with keeping cute but powerful pets.

Even though overall it is a typical RPG, there are some unique elements. For instance, you can make choices during conversations that will affect the events in the game instead of follow a one-path-fits-all story. One some maps, the game takes the shape of side scrolling game in which you can only move left and right instead of freely in any direction.

Starlight Story12_

When you battle and defeat an enemy, you will get Star Core points which can transform your character into a much more powerful being. During those transformations, specific skills are revealed so you can take advantage of those. Also, in the game, many times the path is set out for player.

In many cases, you can just click the target in the mission menu and your avatar will move automatically towards that destination to battle with enemies. Also, your character can defeat the enemies pretty easily without getting a lot of damage. This makes the battles kind of easy but still fun.

Starlight Story11_

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The game does add some unique elements, like the different outcomes, the pets, and the transformations. The pets are fun to have as a part of your adventure. Those who are fans of RPGs will love the familiarity of the game. It doesn’t strive to be too different, just an authentic RPG experience. The game also has some of the most beautiful graphics and animations found in any browser based RPGs. The characters have an anime inspired style, and the animations are live life and fluid. The visuals are one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game.

Other than that, you will enjoy following your character’s quest as you meet the different residents of the towns you visit and complete unique quests. The transformation aspect allows your character to become something completely different, making battles more exciting and fun. While this isn’t a groundbreaking game, it definitely won’t disappoint. It is reminiscent to classic role playing games of the past. If you enjoyed such games on video game consoles then you will definitely enjoy this game on your browser. Try this for a good old fashioned fantasy adventure.

Starlight Story is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Multiplayer.

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