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Affordable downloadable music and there are tons of it.

There are only 30 songs included with the game.

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SingStar offers karaoke in a way that everyone can enjoy. It is a lot like your basic karaoke game, but with a larger community supporting it through the game itself. You can sing the songs available, buy more, develop your own profile, and have fun with the community feature.

This is a great way to see just how good of a singer you are. Of course, this does not mean that you have to sing incredibly well to enjoy the game. Whether your voice is golden and beautiful or you sing just for fun, you will be able to find a lot of excitement while playing SingStar.


Singing is always an enjoyable activity for people. Regardless of how well you can sing, you likely do it whenever you are bored, happy, listening to your favorite song, or simply in the mood for singing. With how many people do it, it is no wonder that karaoke games have exploded in popularity.

With SingStar, you have an appeal and enjoyable karaoke game that you are sure to love. If you are into the genre, this is going to offer various things for you to do. The biggest, obviously, is choosing from the available song list and beginning singing.


When you first start out playing, your song list is 30 songs long. This may not seem like a lot, but you do not have to keep it at such a small number. There is a shop available where many songs are sold, and these songs are from popular groups. You can purchase these songs whenever you would like to and begin singing as soon as possible. When singing, you will be able to watch the music video and test your skills. Try to sing as skillfully as possible to be a success with this game.

There is a community feature available. Within this community, you will have your own profile. You can use this profile to upload your own singing videos, post your high scores, and do so much more. This is a great game for any person who likes to share their singing and compete against others. Try to improve your skills to see yourself climb the leader board or simply have fun with the sharing aspect of the game.


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While you cannot sing along with or compete directly against other players within the community, you can play with friends who are with you. One great way to do this would be to sing a duet. Choose your favorite song and begin singing with each other to see who is better, or simply laugh and keep yourselves entertained.

SingStar makes it easier to enjoy singing. Find a song that you like, either in the included selection or from what is buyable, and start singing. Do it with friends or on your own, whatever you prefer. Once you are finished, upload a video of yourself to your profile or see where you stand on the leader boards. There is a lot to enjoy here, especially with the large community around you.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: SingStar on YouTube.

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