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SingParty karaoke and awesome way to interact with friends and family and have fun while doing it!

Karaoke is that game that does not care who you are or how you sing. The SingParty karaoke game was created with you in mind so you can have fun with no worries about being judged!

A Nintendo Wii U based karaoke singing game works great with the Wii gamepad. Singing Party has multiple screens that can be set up for different part environments.

Sing Party1

SingParty can be played two different ways. (Both ways use the gamepad) One way is in sing mode, this mode has pad brims that have features for you and a friend to use. The sing party playlist can be modified while sing with no interruptions. You can adjust the instrument and vocal levels during your performance. (Let’s hope that is for the best) This mode scores the performance of the singer.

If you really like to jam and play an instrument such as a guitar, bongos, drums or a piano while you are singing there is a trivial mode that you can play on SingParty. Great fun, awesome features, and can turn an inexperienced performer into a person that looks like a seasoned performer.

Sing Party12

Now the party mode.. This mode is for everyone to join in and there is no scoring in this mode, just partying! Sing your heart out while being able to read the lyrics while performing to your friends and family, just o with it!! Get your groove on!!

Party mode is a great way to include the whole crowd in the karaoke singing party. There is no judgment passed and no scoring on the mode of the singing party game. Just plain old fashion fun!

The Gamepad with Wii U is very intelligent and can be used for sing mode or party mode depending on the situation and if you are in the party mood or just want to challenge yourself and see what kind of score you will receive.

Sing Party7

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There are various types of songs available for you to sing with the SingParty karaoke game. The songs range from hip hop to country and can be very fun to sing along with and dance.

Lastly, the team mode. This is a mode that your friends and family can create karaoke teams and take pictures of your individual teams with the gamepad camera. This is a great way to have everyone join the game and interact with one another.

Now, there are mini-games set up for this type of karaoke game-play and you and your team will be scored accordingly. There is a microphone that will be passed from team-mate to team-mate in order to be scored. Remember not everyone likes to sing. Ask the guests who do not wish to participate if they will be kind enough to be the judges.

SingParty Karaoke is a great way to mingle with friends and family and make your party memorable for everyone while having a blast!

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: SingParty on YouTube.

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